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Anyone knows how to remove the "dirty" water texture/overlay?

  • I installed a water flood mod that basically elevates the heights of the water, but now it causes a lot of place where the water looks "dirty" or has a yellow texture about it. For example the LA river or the over beach.


    Does anyone know what file/setting is responsible for this?

    I looked into the water.xml file and made all water type as type = "0", but it doesn't do anything.

  • @mra16
    Not sure :thinking:, but test your game with these empty/no value 'timecycle_mods_' files installed & if the effect goes away, you know it's a timecycle modifier causing it, & then use Codewalker to hunt for likely candidates or use those empty/no value files to copy & paste & eliminate blocks of values at a time in your files until you find the ones causing it (obvs, test the water named ones/ones that contain values related to water first etc).

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