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GTA America Expansion 2023 (WIP)

  • (Project America) coming 2023. A GTA world like you never seen before. This is an all new expanded map featuring San Francisco, Seattle, Las Vegas, Miami, Chicago, a Real Liberty City, and future Cartel Mexico.

    I originally wanted to covert the crew 2 map to GTA5 but later found out that the way the unity engine made textures does not correspond to Rage and ytds. So i decided to embark on this journey!

    (The Video) This video shows an earlier sneak peak of the terrains in my WIP.

    (Mapping) In this video you can see a more potential true size and potential coast lines of my new expanded map for GTA5. This map will consist of large bodies of terrain filled with historic roads like (Route 66), coast line roads, highways connecting different cities. Every city will be approximately the size of inner Los Santos downtown for reference. Every city will be unique to the actual real life location. Using Google Earth I have been mapping my own variation of different mountains, terrains, landscapes, beaches and city’s. I have already replicated a lot of the iconic building in different cities and continue to add more as the mapping expands. This is NOT a 1:1 scale of America. The true size in coordinates will be released once the full mapping is complete.

    (The Picture) This picture shows the true limit of the GTA world after modification in codewalker) THE PICTURE above does NOT represent the actual terrain nor shape of the new expansion. This was simply a TEST ydr created with embedded collisions to test the Rage limits and this is what is possible.

    (Current SP Development) As of now a lot more mapping has been created across the shore line. Once the full mapping terrain is complete. Las Vegas and Francisco área will first fully City’s developed with full textures. Version 1 will then be released.

    (Current FiveM Development) As of now this map will NOT be made for FiveM. Due to the restrictions in scripting map limits in multiplayer fivem sever, this map as whole will not be developed. Maybe in the future different cities can be exported.

    (Map Optimization) This map expansion will be possible thanks to the help of ASI ytd and ydr disabling Scripts. Once the true mapping is complete to scale depending on where you are on the map different cities will not be loaded in. This helps with both FPS and game optimization.

    (Map Limits) If you have played GTA5 before you will know that your plane or vehicle break down once your go past a certain point in the ocean. Thanks to scripting we can expand the limits of the GTA world where this won’t happen the picture above shows true potential limit.

    (Textures) All new Roads, Terrains, Shoreline, building, and prop texture will be optimized to DTX5 and DXT1 depending on distance from cities and explorable area.

    (Timing) I’m hoping to get the first version of this map going by early 2023, with updates coming out monthly after the initial release. Updates will include different city expansions, new roads, better optimization. MLOs, and more.

    (Why I’m posting this?) I’m hoping to find more creative minds that will like to collaborate on this project. Currently it is just me, I’m looking for individuals who are skilled in ASI scripting, 3Ds modeling and codewalker. The GTA 5 community is awesome and we can bring this project in together! Please DM so we can connect, Website, discord will be up sometime soon 😎

    Thanks for your time!

  • @NextGenz said in GTA America Expansion 2023:

    (Map Limits) If you have played GTA5 before you will know that your plane or vehicle break down once your go past a certain point in the ocean.

    No, I've never noticed this, even in the 10,000s and beyond, because I use a script called No Boundary Limits.

    Very ambitious project. Are you testing it on a mid range PC? Because even with the best optimization, loading and unloading IPLs, you will easily crash most of the desktops here and certainly the majority of laptops.

    One factor that you're possibly neglecting is memory leaks. Even in scripting, releasing entities from memory ("MarkAsNoLongerNeeded") is bullshit. Keep spawning entities and once you reach your limit your game will crash, even with 128GB of RAM and 12GB+ of VRAM.

    Even the slightest overlap in maps (visible or not) will cause AI and even player behaviour issues. Since this is true in SP and FiveM, so be prepared to make hundreds of edits on collisions.

    Good luck but this sounds like a recipe for disaster.

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