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OIV Mods

  • so i know theres some mods on here that have oiv installer where it installs the mod for u on OpenIV, well is there any site that just has OIV mods u can download? thanks!

  • @NameLessTheRapper OIV files know where the files should go, just click install.
    Make sure to backup/always install to mods folder.

  • @NameLessTheRapper you mean only OVinstaller site? no sir. it depends on the modder what he prefers. different modders and Mods have different ways of installation. it does not depend on a website. but Good Question. OIV are very useful.

  • @NameLessTheRapper Here
    and yep with OIV It's an easy way but to be sure I always take a look at at assembly.xml inside to know what files it change (to avoids conflicts with other mods installed)

  • @cgz i don't use oiv's and i donot, recomend them just because of this reason. you don't have control over it. you don't know what it is installing and where. what is it changing. that's why my mods are always manual installation. saves the trouble and Fuss.!

  • @FoxtrotDelta I used an OIV when I tried LA Roads but that was on a clean install. Other than that, I extract them and do things manually, they're too high risk to just use blindly.

  • @LeeC2202 i agree. that's why i don't make OIV packages. they are easy but can be messy.

  • thank u guys, just dont find a lot of mods that are oiv just to make it easy to mod, i usually do mods manually but i like oivs better cuz it doesnt take as much time

  • @NameLessTheRapper I always extract OIV files and add the files manually.

  • @LeeC2202 The last time I installed LA roads manually, it took me something like one hour if I remember lol
    @NameLessTheRapper I recognize sometimes OIV can save time :relaxed:
    @FoxtrotDelta There's also a few OIV packages with very less possibility to have conflicts, I'm thinking at this one , it add everything in a dlc and also only the line in dlclist.xml to keep the other addons, no need to do it manually,
    you should take a look at the assembly.xml file he made, this is really good, there is also with an OIV uninstaller.

  • @cgz yea. you are right.

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