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Cayo Perico in SP - Simple Script, no Mods Required

  • Here is a simple SHVDN3 C# script that will enable MP Maps and load the Cayo Perico Island (without peds, without traffic). It can be used to play this map, free roam, in SP without having to install 3rd party mods. It is easily customizable if you have super basic programming skills.

    Full credit goes to @Niziul for discovering and sharing the native functions required to make this happen.

    If you like this script please subscribe to my profile, ring the doorbell, and donate bitch_coin to my Matreon site because digital ink is very expensive. You can also donate to my PlayPalsky account, registered in Eastern Europe for tax evasion purposes.

    Requirements: SHVDN3, ability to find your scripts folder, copy and paste, create and name text file, .

    Installation: Take everything that looks remotely like code, create a blank text file, copy paste the code, name the file what you want but ensure you have .c.3s as the extension (notice the 2 dots), for example: CayoPericoLoad.3.cs

    Liability Disclaimer: Script is provided "as is" and I, nor my descendants, will not be held responsible if you brick your game. No further support will be provided unless you take me out for burgers or pizza.

    using System.Windows.Forms;
    using GTA;
    using GTA.Math;
    using GTA.Native;
    namespace CayoPericoLoad
        public class Basics : Script
            public Basics()
                KeyUp += Basics_KeyUp;
            private void Basics_KeyUp(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)
                if (e.KeyCode == Keys.NumPad1) 
    		//void ON_ENTER_MP() // 0x0888C3502DBBEEF5 0xC65586A9 b323
                    Function.Call((Hash)0x9A9D1BA639675CF1, "HeistIsland", true);
                    //void SET_ISLAND_ENABLED(const char* name, BOOL toggle) // 0x9A9D1BA639675CF1 b2189
                    Function.Call((Hash)0xB96B00E976BE977F, 0.0f);
                    Function.Call(Hash.SET_ENTITY_COORDS, Game.Player.Character, 4840.571, -5174.425, 2.0, 0, 0, 1);
    		//Teleport Player to CP

  • @JohnFromGWN below is a code that enables the CP minimap:

            private void AddRadarSupport()
            private void ActivateRadarOfCayoPericoIsland()
                var hash
                    = Game.GenerateHash("h4_fake_islandx");
                Function.Call(Hash.SET_RADAR_AS_INTERIOR_THIS_FRAME, hash, 4700.0f, -5145.0f, 0, 0);
            private void AddRouteSupportToRadar()
                Function.Call((Hash)0xF74B1FFA4A15FBEA, 0);


    @JohnFromGWN no rmdir feature 0,5 โญ

  • @ReNNie Sorry but the rmdir feature is only available to my Matreon Platinum Plus supporters. I do offer a format c: script but it is still in beta.

  • @Niziul thanks. Question for you.

    Did you load the heist ipls as described below?

    This loads the GTA:O dlc map parts (high end garages, apartments).
    Works in singleplayer.
    In order to use GTA:O heist IPL's you have to call this native with the following params: 

  • @JohnFromGWN said in Cayo Perico in SP - Simple Script, no Mods Required:


    no! because of the native's description:

    Formerly known as _LOWER_MAP_PROP_DENSITY and wrongly due to idiots as _ENABLE_MP_DLC_MAPS.
    Sets the maximum prop density and changes a loading screen flag from 'loading story mode' to 'loading GTA Online'. Does not touch DLC map data at all.
    In fact, I doubt this changes the flag whatsoever, that's the OTHER native idiots use together with this that does so, this one only causes a loading screen to show as it reloads map data.

  • @Niziul lol.

    And that's definitely not in the description of the original native!

    Any way traffic paths can be loaded, with NPCS driving?

  • @JohnFromGWN said in Cayo Perico in SP - Simple Script, no Mods Required:

    Any way traffic paths can be loaded, with NPCS driving?

    To be honest, I have no idea.

  • @Niziul I find this really interesting. I don't really care about having the traffic, I like the isolated ambience of the island.

    For the physical CP mods (dlc.rpf) we know the authors used ybn files for the traffic nodes/Paths.

    But I'm really curious how GTAO does this? I'm guessing it's client side but I could be wrong.

    If it is client side, how the hell would we do it using either the script just posted or the more complex script which loads individual ipls.

    Real mystery, would love to know the answer.

    Unless the traffic files are in the Rockstar dlcpatch? And even if they already sit on our client, how would the script recognize them?

  • You are great people. I don't understand how to do this and I don't think I ever will, but the passion this forum arouses at times is something to behold.

    I respect you guys.

  • NIce thanks guys!!

    Apologies in advance for the retard questions.

    I get the bit about the code into the Scripts folder all good.


    Sorry confusion about the MP Maps. Never heard of MP Maps. Is something like this what we need for MP Maps?


    Is this below the actual map required to go with the code?


    Correct me if wrong. I am assuming no mods required except for the obvious in order to run the mods in the links like RAGEPluginHook etc?

  • @Fabito48hd gracias amigo.

  • @gtavjamal you don't need any mods or other plugins or scripts other than the one above and certainly not the RHP.

    The concept behind this ridiculously simple script, is to avoid installing a 2GB Cayo Perico map on your setup when the effing assets are already there to be loaded without another mod.

    MP maps simply refers to the Multiplayer maps that are by default only available in GTAO.

    There is a single function in the code above that enables MP maps, like Simple Trainer allows.

    I can only think of two important maps, Cayo Perico and the Diamond Casino. Not including assets from other GTAO heists etc that aren't available by default in SP. But then again, I don't play online.

    Generally speaking, servers don't provide game assets, but they can turn them on, because they reside on your game. Of course you need the proper version of the game, what is referred to as client side.

    Rockstar, being little bitches, don't want you to play a patch DLC, like CP, in SP, so they don't enable it, but luckily there are trainers to enable these MP maps and most importantly load the assets.

    We already knew this could also be done through IPLs, but @Niziul also shared a single function to do this. No trainers required, just SHVDN.

    I can tell you I've seen dozens of posts in SP and FiveM forums and dozens of requests and tutorials regarding CP, in SP and FiveM, all solved by huge 3D map models or loading all the assets individually.

    The solution above, so incredibly simple, was never mentioned in any of my searches until @Niziul .

    I'm sort of confident the traffic paths are client side but I'm too tired to look for them right now.

  • @JohnFromGWN something nice to use the native one: Function.Call((Hash)0x9A9D1BA639675CF1, "HeistIsland", true); is that it removes various parts of the sea, thus solving the problem of waves, but for some reason when viewing the CP from above these flaws appear: alt text

  • @Niziul good to know. I left the code in because the ipl load had them. Either way, this issue is a major annoyance with the French Riviera mod and the new Ugase City maps where some coastal roads get flooded. Hopefully anyone following this thread will find it.

    I don't need that function as I have it in my LemonUI menu, so I can enable or disable it on any map including LS.

  • @JohnFromGWN Gracias mi amigo!


    @JohnFromGWN said in Cayo Perico in SP - Simple Script, no Mods Required:

    the new Ugase City maps where some coastal roads get flooded

    Moving it higher up from Z 8 to 32 is a 5 min effort

  • @ReNNie yes, that's true, map can be raised but there are also times you want smoother water and just a calmer environment for boating or jet skiing, so here's an easy solution.

  • @JohnFromGWN I tried but it didn't load in mine for some reason :thinking: When I teleported there with trainer, for a brief second I saw stationary vehicles then they disappeared and the sea was empty.

    I'm sure this is a problem on my end though, I'm gonna try some stuff to figure out why I can't enable MP Maps with trainer. Probably this is why this amazing mod didn't work also :(

    SHVDN3 log says it's loaded correctly too;

    [00:00:19] [DEBUG] Successfully compiled CayoPericoLoad.3.cs.
    [00:00:19] [INFO] Found 1 script(s) in CayoPericoLoad.3.cs resolved to API 3.6.0.
    [00:00:20] [DEBUG] Instantiating script CayoPericoLoad.Basics ...
    [00:00:20] [INFO] Started script CayoPericoLoad.Basics.

  • @MissySnowie you don't need to enable me maps, code does it. That might be the problem.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @JohnFromGWN Yup, the MP Maps don't enable with code either. Some dlcpacks in game are preventing it I don't know why :( I went on a mission to find the culprit, but it seems like there are more than 1 dlcpacks. LA_REVO_2_Patch01 is one of them, don't know the others.

    I looked it's inside and at first glance thought it's the audio rel file causing it but deleting it didn't fix :( Who knows how many other dlcpacks I have causing this issue :(

    Oh well, I can just use the addon mod and the levels.ymt whenever I wish to spend some time at the island listening birdie songs and delete the ymt when I return :P It's not needed for me to have Cayo Perico enabled all the time anyway.

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