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Best Nvidia Graphics Card to Run GTA V with ultra settings+ ENB Mod

  • I'm looking for the best Nvidia card to run GTA V with maxed-out settings with an enb mod and maintain smooth, playable framerates. I'm trying to stick with something under $400 and I am open to suggestions about picking up one used or a little older. Thanks.


    Graphic cards are very expensive and you're playing with fire buying a used one. I have an old 2070 and I can get 90 FPS or better but ofc that FPS will drop with more demanding mods and MLOs.

    Keep in mind a good GPU with adequate VRAM will not compensate for a shit monitor and shit processor nor insufficient system RAM.

    System is only as good as weakest component and the game itself will only tolerate so many mods before it screams enough.

    If budget is a constraint and you still want used, get one with a warranty from a big box store or a refurbished one from best buy or Amazon or Newegg.

    Recommend 2070 or higher and definitely not a fan of ENB garbage.

  • A used 3080 can be had under $500 these days.

  • @Rstein Used is risky as cards definitely burn out unless he can get at least a 90 day warranty and then stress test it. Ironically the stress test itself can burn out the card.

    New is definitely not available in North America for under $500 U.S. Well not on Amazon or Newegg ($700 to $1000). Bestbuy no longer have it. The 12GB version is over $1500 U.S on the NIVIDIA site.

    Newegg also has refurbished 3080s, but once more well over $500.

    Great card, but if OP is on tight budget and doesn't care about future proofing, there might be less expensive, more bang for the buck cards.

  • Only cards I can think of that are under $400 are Nvidia GTX 1050, 1060, 1650 and 1660 and their variations. as for ultra settings and ENB, that's going to depend on how much onboard ram each version of the cards have and it's also going to depend on the specs of your pc.

    If your pc specs aren't good enough then what cards can do won't matter since they'll be bottlenecked if your system can't keep up.

  • @MegaTBull I have a buddy with a $10,000 rig, no shit, and he managed to crash it easily by spawning too many mods.

  • @JohnFromGWN Lol, my system is just over $700 and it hardly crashes with mods. :)

    Just wish I had enough money now to get get a card that's better the GTX 1050 since it's not good enough for some games I have.

  • Thanks for the input guys!

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