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ENB's SubSurfaceScattering not recognizing the skin on some peds

  • I'm using SubSurface Scattering feature of ENB to give the peds a better overall look. For vanilla peds it's not working great but for most addon peds it makes them look much better.

    However for some reason it's not being enabled for all the skin parts of the peds and creating a weird look when I enable it.

    I checked the ped and it's using ped.sps shader too so not sure why it's being like this :thinking: Anyone knows what needs to be done so the SubSurface Scat recognizes all the skin?

    It's a bit difficult to explain with typing so here are some photo examples;

    In this one only head and hands are recognized as skin, the rest of the body part not.

    alt text

    This is when I disable Sub Surface ..

    alt text

    But for this one for example, every skin parts are recognized as skin and SubSurface working perfecto.

    alt text

    When it's disabled for comparison purposes.

    alt text

  • @MissySnowie it isn't just the skins, your mods are super saturating colours and darkening textures. Result is unnatural.

    Don't understand why ENBs and visual enhancement mods are so popular when they give such unrealistic flesh tones, fantasy looking skies and vegetation, and exceedingly high contrast.

    The vanilla game graphics are excellent, the colour profiles, when matched with proper monitor settings, are natural, and the textures are at the appropriate resolution for both performance and stability.

    Just curious as to why you would desire or expect a shade of blue for your sky, that approaches black, for a game that screams realism in its buildings, cars, oceans, and all other assets and entities.

  • @JohnFromGWN I like the colors and vibrance :slight_smile: and I can't find a proper realistic ENB or ReShade preset and the game's own colors feel too washed out with a yellowish tint like in Dying Light 1.

    Anyway, my graphics are not related to SubSurface Scattering anyway. Do you know why it's not working on some peds properly? :thinking:


    @MissySnowie perhaps bad shaders or material on that specific ped, if others work

  • @MissySnowie I agree it's very subjective, but never noticed any yellow tints. Do you have the proper ICC profile for your monitor and is the monitor calibrated?

  • @ReNNie Might be material :thinking: I will do some in depth check to it. But I'm feeling like it's something different. For example with the 2nd ped in the photos, the clothes are also in the same material as well but they are not getting effected by the SubSurface. This is feeling like the parts needs to be effected by SubSurface needs to be painted like a Weight Paint, but I might be wrong :thinking:

    @JohnFromGWN Mine is IPS monitor. I was set it the best I can to be honest but it can be better too of course :D :rofl:

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