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Can you make the Railgun fire faster?

  • So I first started with the robocop stungun mod. I downloaded it and I found I wanted the robocop stungun sound so I researched how to install sound mods and made my own sound for the gun. Along the way, I found a line called <TimeBetweenShots value="0.025000" />. Obviously the shorter the number, the less time it takes between shots. I edited this line and made it into the one above and it works perfectly with the sound I modded. However, when I wanted to edit the railgun meta file (weaponrailgun.meta) and found the exact same line and put in the exact same value, the railgun fire rate does not change (not noticeable at least). I even copied the same .meta file from the stungun to replace the railgun meta and it still fires so slow. Does anyone know how to make the railgun fire faster? (sorry for the long explanation) If I edit the weaponrailgun.meta, do i need to edit the weaponcomponents.meta? Also, where is the sound file for the railgun located? I can't seem to find it. I have no idea what I'm doing, im surprised I even got this far from just stuff off the internet.

  • @pandaghod not sure but, anim reload time has to match with the, time between shots &! rail gun has to be reloaded after every single shot! try increasing clip size. will give u bigger magazine. which means u will reload after the clip finishes. right now it has 1 bullet per clip. plus also try lowering reload time mp and sp both. i hope it helps.

  • HOLY CRAP CAN'T BELIEVE YOU RESPONDED TO MY COMMENT OUT OF EVERYONE WHO COULD'VE RESPONDED, but i changed everything and nothing works. The railgun still seems to be stuck on the same reloading time even though i set huge parameters for everything.

  • i'll give it a try tonight. 16 ish hours later. got some stuff to do first. i'll post here.

  • Much appreciated thanks!

  • Sorry to bother your again, but did you figure it out?

  • @pandaghod i was occupied with the artillery thing. i am trying to develop. i'll work on it tonight. it think it has to do with firing patern settings

  • @pandaghod Got it working. will share the file and a video shortly. its dope.


  • @FoxtrotDelta **[Solved]**Have a look at the video Below. and the method is written below the video:


    Just Remove these three weapon flags from the meta file. flags are as follows.:

    1. OnlyFireOneShot
    2. PlayOutOfAmmoAnim
    3. AnimReload

    After removing these you can set custom reload times and firing rate etc. and i didn't have much time to customize or test it furthur because i am currently working on my mods. i just spent like 20 minutes on this thing. but i think you can make it faster, as you have time to modify and now you know how to do it. note: i believe taking away the Recoil shake time or reducing it will make the gun much more Faster. Good luck. Looking forward to you adding my name in credits. :) Happy modding Enjoy

  • I couldn't find the PlayOutofAmmoAnim or the AnimReload in the .meta do you mean AnimReloadRate? And I already had this speed of the railgun when i tried editing the files. It is faster than the normal railgun, but I want it to be faster, like shooting a pistol. If you click faster, the bullets come out faster (but there is a clicking cap so you dont shoot everytime you click). I did remove the recoilshaketime, but still no difference.

  • hello, sorry for the late reply
    a "cheaper" way to do the exact same thing as in the video =>simple trainer=>weapon menu=> enable unlimited ammo and no reloading + if playing with a controller (left stick pressing) shoot/zoom-unzoom fast and you get very fast shooting or keyboard with LEFT CTRL while aiming and shooting (in other words, press the stealthmode button very fast)

    (solution if you don't want to set a specific time between every shot)

  • @pandaghod These 3 can be found in railgun.meta file. and these are written in a stright light. in weapon Flags line along with many other Weapon flags.

    OnlyFireOneShot PlayOutOfAmmoAnim AnimReload

  • @pandaghod you can get faster shooting if you take away the Recoil after taking away these flags.

  • @pandaghod im sorry if it was a waste of time, Any ways i have other mods, that i need to work on. i tried. had i more time, i would of worked more than 20 minutes on it. Sorry gain. Good luck. and then i guess you will not be removing the flags that i told you. because you already Had this speed of firing anyways. leave the flags in the meta then. and i think trainer method is Very good. people can already do this.

    Edit: i would really like to see this fire rate achieve with your file settings , without the flags being removed as you say. i am interested to see a video.

  • @Cerberuss ya i know you can shoot faster while spamming ctrl, i did it in gta 4 as well, but i want to edit the meta files so its automatic without spamming ctrl

  • @FoxtrotDelta Thanks anyways, ill see if ill make a video on the fire rate with my settings

  • @pandaghod don't bother with the video. i hope someone can help you out there.

  • @pandaghod it would be far easier to make a new weapon than modifying the hole data for one gun. you can make railgun2. and make it as fast as you want it to be.

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