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DLC cars keep disappearing in SP after despite trying several fixes (after LS Drug Wars)

  • Title says it all. As of now I have installed the latest scripthookV, TrainerV, the latest Gameconfig.xml, Packfile Limit Adjuster Heap Adjuster, Add-on cars spawner and Enhanced native trainer.

    except for the last two (hoping they would solve my problem), I usually install all of these mods as soon as possible after every update yet I don't remember DLC cars disappearing after installing all those mods. Any ideas on what I should do next to fix this ?

    Also, has anyone located where in the game files does it despawns the dlc cars in sp ? Would'nt it be easier just to erase that line of code ? (just speaking theorically, I don't know that much about the way the game is programmed anyways).

  • @bernibander I'm sure your aware that Enhanced Native Trainer has been updated, also still no update as of yet for TrainerV or Add-on cars spawner.

  • Enhanced Native Trainer surprisingly didn't work but I ended up fixing the issue with rampage trainer

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