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game won't load after reinstalling.

  • Due to some issues I had with starting the game, I thought it was time for a fresh install of the game. After installing GTA I've installed 2 trainers and packfile and heaplimit. the game runs smoothly except from the problem more people have with when you load a car it despawns. Ill just wait until the trainers get updated.

    However my main issue is when I install a addon car and run the game it crashes. I don't know what I did wrong everything that needs to be installed including openiv and scripthook.

    Does someone know how this could happen?

  • @bassmake said in game won't load after reinstalling.:

    everything that needs to be installed including openiv and

    Reinstall only when nothing else works, if a verify integrity didn't help, of if you're in the bad habit of modding the game folder files directly.

    Scripthook allows us to mod but it really has nothing to do with stability.
    OpenIV is an editor and has a component to load our addons. Once more it has nothing to do with stability. Indirectly it will, of course, allow you to butcher files and/or install problematic addons or improper replaces, but those are user errors.

    Stability is a function of 2 pillars.

    1. Your PC, both its hardware and software
    2. Your GTA5 configuration.

    A proper game configuration includes:

    1. Appropriate in game settings, matched with the capabilities of your hardware
    2. A heap limit adjuster for memory considerations
    3. The packfile-limit-adjuster for increasing dlc.rpf limits beyond game defaults
    4. A gameconfig.xml which also increases many game defaults.

    In your case, assuming the first 3 items are met, it's very likely your gameconfig.xml.

    In passing, the common practice of many users to alter the values of these mods is not recommended unless you have an expert knowledge of what you're doing. Experts have already set these values appropriately.

    In other words, anyone who thinks that increasing all the values by factors of 10x or 100x is delusional. Just like the Spinal Tap guitar amps that go to 11.

    A shit system with insufficient computing power and memory will always remain a shit system, despite all the mods and tweaks in the world. The most expensive high-end rigs will also crash unceremoniously when pushed too hard.

    It's the game that decides when enough is enough.

  • Well GTA always runned smoothly on my system. The reason I have reinstalled it GTA is that I just wanted to do a fresh start and get all the mods installed that I really liked instead of all the junk that doesn't work don't use. Just some good hygiene I guess.

    The steps you've mentioned I have followed. For the game config file I use the 2,5x -which I always use- would you consider trying another file?

  • @bassmake said in game won't load after reinstalling.:

    Just some good hygiene I guess.

    Good only if you modded the game files directly. I've crashed my game 100s of times, by pushing it well beyond its limits or by installing crap.

    I've never reinstalled. In fact I've never reinstalled any game in my life, except those that had to be reinstalled due to a new PC.

    I had a corrupt save game once (which reinstalling will not fix) and I've done verify integrity twice I think, where it did solve issues.

    And of course, my game, and yours, is refreshed with every update (although I revert one file afterwards) - so no need to reinstall.

    On that last point, an Update breaks games, so it's no longer business as usual.

    I always recommend you start with More Mods, but with the base traffic to start. In passing I have so many vehicles installed that I've lost count.

    Unfortunately, your issue could be with mod conflicts with the new update, so you will need to uninstall mods and experiment.

  • @JohnFromGWN SO I already reinstalled the game so I cant go back now and on this point that I don't know how to fix this vehicle problem

  • @bassmake I understand. Apparently there might be issues with the new DLC and existing vehicles.

    As a test, you could remove the new dlc entries (the new dlcpacks) from your dlclist.xml and see if that fixes your problem.

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