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Could someone help me with the condition: "$level=MO_JIM_L11"?

  • I was wondering why most of the mods I have installed only work if I change one of the attributes found in content.xml from <genericConditions>$level=MO_JIM_L11</genericConditions> to <genericConditions>$level=MO_JIM_L00</genericConditions>.

    scripts that I have installed:

    • atmosphere.asi
    • ExtendedCameraSettings.asi
    • fwBoxStreamerVariable_DecalsLimit-Patch.asi
    • HeapAdjuster.asi
    • InversePower.asi
    • Menyoo.asi
    • NoBoundaryLimits.asi
    • openCameraV.asi
    • OpenIV.asi
    • PackfileLimitAdjuster.asi
    • RTHandlingEditor.asi
    • ScriptHookV.dll
    • ScriptHookVDotNet.asi
    • ScriptHookVDotNet2.dll
    • ScriptHookVDotNet3.dll
    • shadows.asi
    • WeaponLimitsAdjuster.asi
    • ZPatchV.asi

    maps that I have installed:

    • grassfix
    • custom_maps
    • vremastered
    • rca
    • forest_s
    • forest_n
    • villa_island
    • chalet2
    • malibu_mansion
    • rooftop

  • @Niziul That is a strange one. Have never seen this reported, has to do with collisions?

    Did you install any OIVs that might have replaced a meta file, maybe levels.ymt?

    I wouldn't think the scripts/asi should impact addons. I could easily be wrong, but I don't see how they fit in the equation. The only exception might be an asi required to enable, disable, or hide a map - but once more have never encountered or read about this cause and effect issue. Of course a poorly programmed script could easily have unexpected and undesirable sound effects.

    If I had to temporarily disable an asi, your list is pretty short and would be limited to just a few, because the mainstream ones (Pack, Heap, OpenIV, Menyoo, etc) are not going to be the culprits.

    As for maps, I must have installed easily 80 to 100 without any issues whatsoever. I have one version of Forests, RCA, and malibu_mansion. Not familiar with the others you have. Don't see how they would interfere with other mods except for overlap.

    Are you saying they don't appear, or do you have texture or collision issues? What exactly is the problem? And when you say most of your mods, do you mean peds and vehicles as well?

    Can you give an example of a mod with this particular tag in its content.xml?

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