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Spawn "Arbiter GT" in the game. I have a question.

  • Can someone confirm me if they can generate the car called "Arbiter GT"?

    Now I have the option to generate it through Menyoo, but the game crashes.

    I've looked it up on the internet and it seems to be a car exclusive to Xbox and PS5.

    I looked it up in the game files and it appears in .../mpg9ec.rpf.

    I need someone to confirm if they also have this car and can generate it, or is it my problem.

  • This is normal for PC players as R* never released the next gen vehicles for PC.
    And the vehicle models in the rpf files are empty placeholders, thus crashing the game if spawned.
    Sucks to think R* are never gonna release
    these vehicles, hope they do one day.

  • @-EcLiPsE- Thanks my friend.

    But until now I never had the option to generate them, this time yes, it's strange.

    Do I understand that I can send the dlclist line "mpg9ec.rpf" to hell? As I see it has all the console exclusive cars in it.

    alt text

    I understand that this way the trainers won't detect those vehicles and I won't get kicked out of the game if I try to preview them by mistake when choosing a car.

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