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Resource Adjuster - Fact or Fiction?

  • Verdict: Does exactly what it says. Memory gain: 1GB for an 8GB card (12.5% increase). Individual Results may vary.

    Impact on FPS: slight gain but not statistically significant as FPS changes during game play even for same location.

    Try it yourself. Resource Adjuster by @zombieguy

    But don't install this on a chromebook or the original IBM PC and expect miracles. Your game could stutter or crash. Author recommends decent rig with 8GB of VRAM or better. Note: as confirmed by the author, this mod will not replace gameconfig.xml, heap limit adjuster, or packfile limit adjuster. Those are retained. It works by increasing the VRAM budget limit that Rockstar imposed on GTA5.

    Rockstar didn't put a VRAM (GPU memory) limit to piss us off. Rather, they did it for game stability. That was back in 2015, hardware is more powerful today and GPUs have more memory.

    Essentially, this asi script allows GTA5 to use more of your GPU's VRAM than the default game does, assuming you have excess in the first place. However this definitely doesn't grant you a free pass to go crazy. Push the game too far with excessive mods and it will crash on you.

    Benchmarks done with native Windows 10, PC was rebooted to ensure clean memory before and after. Screenshots using Greenshot (free, safe).

    Game without Resource Adjuster
    59% GPU utilization

    alt text

    Game with Resource Adjuster Installed
    72% GPU utilization

    alt text

  • @JohnFromGWN Dear friend, this is very interesting.

    I've been looking at it this afternoon, but I've been "afraid" to use it since, as I've always said, I've got a somewhat fair PC (I hope to solve it this January).

    I have 16gb of RAM, but use a modest GTX 960 (yes, I have a harley davidson but I don't have an expensive pc, sorry).

    If you've tried it, I'll try it.

  • @Fabito48hd
    Ask your family for a new graphics card for Christmas. Feliz Navidad.

  • @JohnFromGWN Thank you my friend, it's a pity that the reality is different.

    Feliz navidad cabrón!

    alt text

  • @JohnFromGWN Thanks a lot for this :blush: I was always skeptical with mods like this, the only real game optimization I know so far is GTA V Re-Sized. Although these 2 aren't the same thing, it seems have a real boost truly <3

  • @MissySnowie

    I never install scripts except for a camera script which supplements one I wrote myself for personal use. I was skeptical of this one because I don't like black boxes. The author did not disclose exactly how he did this, it was very vague.

    The comments were so favourable however, so I did install it but of course my skeptical side forced me to use benchmark utilities to remove any subjectivity.

    The mod does what it was intended for and what is described, however there is one drawback. Many users with poor quality hardware will assume this will give them the capability to install every single mod on this site with 100% stability. Unfortunately that's not how it works.

    Does this mod increase stability? Further testing would be required. All I can vouch is that it makes more of your VRAM available (if you have it ofc) which is great. You could have a GPU with 16GB or more and that does not guarantee a stable system - way too many other factors come into play.

    I don't have stability issues, I don't have texture loss - so it's hard for me to pronounce myself any further, but dozens of comments vouch that the mod did improve or fix issues.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Fabito48hd For some unknown reason, my post in response to yours, was deleted.

    If I offended you in any way, I sincerely apologize. It was meant as a joke, and definitely not as any form of social commentary.

    Lo siento mi amigo

  • @JohnFromGWN WTF dude, I don't know what you're talking about, I haven't seen anything!

    I'm not going to be offended by anything man, don't worry!!!!

    A hug, brother :)

  • @Fabito48hd

    I posted a beautiful picture of Penelope Cruz and wrote jokingly that I would rather party with her than the hombres.

    It was deleted without providing any reason or rationale, so I guess someone reported it because they don't like Penelope Cruz.

    Abrazo mi hermano.

    P.S. We live in a society and time where you can no longer express opinions or make jokes.

    The incredible irony is this forum was implemented for the most offensive and violent game in gaming history - a game infested with racism, violence, homophobia, misogyny, and misanthropy.

    But woke culture prevails.

    As I said before games like GTA5 will never be made again.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    "I posted a beautiful picture of Penelope Cruz and wrote jokingly that I would rather party with her than the hombres.
    It was deleted without providing any reason or rationale, so I guess someone reported it because they don't like Penelope Cruz."

    Wait what!?? How can that even be remotely considered offensive? Ftr. I'm no Penelope Cruz fan, I find her irritating as fk but yeah I too would rather party with her than the hombres lol.

    Is it possible there is a glitch in the forum that randomly deletes posts? I would advise admin to check it out and get back to you.

    Real talk. if any cream puff gets offended by something like that then GTAV is not suitable for them to play, not without some serious censorship mod lol.

    Hey maybe put in a request for a 'Party with Penelope Cruz' script + ped haha.


    woke has nothing to do with it sir, not the least bit
    yet again you derail a perfectly fine and informative thread you started yourself, by taking it fully offtopic
    so as the hint of the post removal was not taken but instead expanded and discussed...

    alt text

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