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(MISC) camera "zoom" editor like in the Rockstar Editor !

  • I really hope this can be done ?

    Please, can somebody make a mod that allows you to use the same zoom function just like in the Rockstar Editor but during normal single player ?

    I want to change the default view (zoom) and reduce it from 1.00 to 0.79 and keep it that way always and play at that zoom level.

    I think I have finally found what was bugging me about GTA V visuals.
    Things for me did not seem quite right and I could never put my finger on it.

    But just the other day I was watching a tutorial of how to make great photo's with the help of the Rockstar Editor.
    And he came to show the zoom function in the "free camera" mode, I had a light bulb moment :bulb: and told myself this could be it !

    I went in GTA V and recorded game plays and adjusted the played around with the zoom and studied the effect.

    I have come to the conclusion that a reduction to 0.79 as the desired effect I was looking for !

    It makes the world look much better and lets just say more accurate with less distortions.
    Buildings will look more to scale, things in the distance will look properly far away, I noticed even a 747 up above that looked much better like it was to scale and at a proper distance, before it looked like a toy.
    I'm trying but I can't explain it very well. Maybe later I can find a way to show pictures ?

    Please tell me this can be done ?


  • @Spacial3D I think you mean field of view (FOV). Zoom refers to making something appear closer or further. As in Zoom in, Zoom out.

    1. You can change some settings in game (Camera), for example to change First Person FOV.
    2. You can write scripts
    3. You can use a script mod.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    I know about (FOV) and what I ask is not about this.

    If you want to understand exactly what I mean is you need to go into the (Rockstar Editor) because for now this is the only place where you can do this, and I want to be able to use the function outside the (Rockstar Editor) during normal gameplay.

    So go into the (Rockstar Editor) but make sure you have recorded a clip before you go in.
    Start a new project, ad the clip you made and then chose to edit that clip.
    You will have a choice of camera settings and also the option to edit the camera, scroll trough the camera choices and choose free camera and clic at the bottom edit camera.

    I just had the great idea of simply give the link to the video that shows this :

    I should of done this in my first post :slight_smile:
    So at about 7:18 in the video he will start to show the zoom functions !
    This is what I want to make permanent during regular gameplay, specifically a zoom of 0.79 and make this permanent.
    I am strongly convinced that this will create a positive improvement.
    You can test yourself at 0.79 and look around, but I think the truth will be revealed during normal gameplay if it is successfully modded !
    If you notice when he plays with the zoom and goes into the opposite (the plus range) above the standard 1.0 observe that things get crunched together front to back (near and far come together), I believe that for some reason that the standard "1.0" Rockstar used is maladjusted and that 0.79 restores a proper view (at least in most circumstances) !

    I have tested this in multiple clips and scenarios like in a helicopter, on the ground, etc, and have seen a positive improvement !

    The map will look bigger, and not small like now, if you look up at buildings they will look proper huge and tall, if you look down from a building the ground will look a proper ways down, and if you fall will better feel the ground rushing at you, things will look better when you look in the far distance, etc., etc.

    Please keep the info coming as I have no experience in modding a game, But I could learn to mod maybe just for this. But now I'm mostly good at judging visual fidelity, I have been an infographics many years ago, I made a 3D camera in the 90's and have been playing PC games since forever and a lot of them in stereo 3D I'm pretty sure I'm right on this :relaxed:

    If anyone can make this mod append this would be great, and at minimum it will give most people a new way to experience the game, (just like a new game).

    One note I will ad, is that if this is achieved, it would be good if also the camera would be brought back closer to the player as standard, because the zoom at 0.79 pushes the camera back a bit, so to just bright it back closer afterwards.


  • Correction;

    I meant I have no experience in creating a mod...

    I'm ok with installing mods :)

  • Add,

    The zoom value shows up in the top center when changed !

    Ex; 0.45X ZOOM or 1.0X ZOOM or 0.79X ZOOM

  • @Spacial3D

    I sent you a link to a script mod. Did you try it?

    The camera in GTA5 can be placed anywhere you want and you can adjust DOF and FOV but it will never match the human eye. If you're looking for perfection without lens distortion you won't find it.

    The odds of someone creating a new camera script for you are slim, not to mention there are already a few in the mods section to complement the Rockstar editor which itself is very powerful.

    The YT video is about screenshots, which is a joke comparatively to a video or during gameplay in real time.

    Once more try the mod I linked to or similar ones, check the camera in-game settings too, that's the best you can expect.

  • @JohnFromGWN

    Here is another mod but for first person.


    There is also this junk, which was designed for wide-screen monitors but claims it can fine tune 3rd person as well.


    Install at your own risk and peril.

    As for scripting the gameplay camera versus the script camera, I've never seen it done. There are obviously native functions to change FOV but again have never seen it done and I only know how it's done with the script camera.


    @JohnFromGWN said in (MISC) camera "zoom" editor like in the Rockstar Editor !:

    I think you mean field of view (FOV). Zoom refers to making something appear closer or further. As in Zoom in, Zoom out.

    I think you mean Field of Vision. And zoom in/out is actually a de facto side-effect of changing FOV. You literally increase Field of Vision by pulling back the camera a bit (as if zooming out). With the camera normally at around where your eyes would be (1st person), or a bit behind you (3rd person) -- essentially with you as (near)center -- increasing FOV is not ideal per se, as it comes with a small fish-eye effect. I needed to do this in my game, anyway, as I play on a 3840x1600 monitor (which would normally, on a 4k monitor, be like cropping a bit off the top and bottom). So, I used the only (working) tool ingame capable of setting FOV automagically, at startup: Zolika1351's Trainer to set CamFOVConstant=60, the sweet spot for me.

  • @meimeiriver Wrong, again not what I'm talking about.

    I think I have explained this and I gave instructions how to go verify, and gave a setting of ""0.79X ZOOM"" this is not doable right now in game except while in the ""Rockstar Editor"" !!!!

    This as never been done before and would be a new mod !

    I have looked !
    This mod is nowhere, it has not been done !

    Obviously so far some people think it's the same as (FOV) and don't or have not considered it !
    It's not, It's totally different !

    I now dare people to make the mod and prove me wrong ! I dare you :older_man:

    But first in order to do that you have to read and understand what I'm talking about.........

    So there you go ! Are you up to the challenge ?

  • @Spacial3D Have you tried what I suggested or what @meimeiriver suggested?

    What is FOV and what is zoom? Let's go to an Expert. Nikon USA.

    Zooming in and out allows you to change the Field of View (or Angle of View which in this example, for practical purposes, is essentially the same).

    Here is a graphic representation that explains Field of View. Imagine the lens is a zoom lens which zooms in (short telephoto at 135mm) and zooms out (wide angle lens 35mm, to extreme 10.5mm fisheye). Disregard DX/FX formats and crop factors, just FOV.

    alt text

    I made this video and you can tell me if this is what you want to accomplish. If not, please explain clearly the difference in this video versus the R* Editor.

  • I'm talking about this;

    As it is right now the native camera in gta v is wrong !
    It is compressed to much towards the player !
    I want to uncompressed it to achive a more natural view.

  • @Spacial3D What you sent as a video is described by the uploader as highly specialized visual techniques, not what you described above, and definitely not what the R* editor zoom function will give you.

    The uploader also describes the techique as "nauseating". I'm sure you don't want to throw up while playing the game.

    You have some options to try in this thread. Other than that someone else will need to help you. TBH I'm confused as to what you're trying to accomplish and I've been doing film and digital photography since I was a child.

  • Another video about it, pretty much the same but you get better views.

    Exemple of what I think is wrong in gta v is let's say you got to the entrance of a tunnel, looking down the tunnel the exit will look to close to the player (bigger) and should be stretched farder back away from the player .

  • @Spacial3D said in (MISC) camera "zoom" editor like in the Rockstar Editor !:

    I have come to the conclusion that a reduction to 0.79 as the desired effect I was looking for !

    One additional comment. You desire ".79" but you do not mention the position of the camera relative to the player.

    This is why your request is confusing. The zoom in the R* editor performs exactly the way it is expected to do - it changes the Field of View. However, it also allows you to move the camera to the right, to the left, forward and backward - so there are many variables here.

    If you want to provide clarity, post a video, or 2 screenshots. Default view vs your desired view. Not a Hitchcock special effect video, a GTA5 video.

    The Rockstar Editor demo Video below is fixed at .79. It does NOT change during the video. This is to illustrate that a setting of .79 is pretty much meaningless other than for consistent FOV.

    What is missing is where you want the camera and you never specified third person versus first person.


  • Yes I did mention it here;

    One note I will ad, is that if this is achieved, it would be good if also the camera would be brought back closer to the player as standard, because the zoom at 0.79 pushes the camera back a bit, so to just bright it back closer afterwards.


  • Don't get emotional about it please.

    The zoom you just used does the same thing as in the Hitchcock movie.

    Your getting closer with your last video I appreciate that, but I'm telling you there is more to it than a simple change in fov.

    I would like to make a video, please tell me what tool you use to record the gameplay.

    And also I will look into the second camera option you chowed to see if it is the same and if it could be used.

    But for now, keep playing with the 0.79 setting in different scenarios.

    Again please tell me the tool you use so I can share with you what I see.

  • I just made some tests in Rockstar Editor with 0.79 vs 1.0 zoom and my observations where conclusive .

    I have come up with a neat test.

    I will come back soon with explanations and instructions, stay tuned !

  • OK hear me out please.

    Sorry at this time I don't have a video.

    but I made 2 drawings.

    So the test I came up is this, go and make 2 clips, both at the bottom of the maze bank tower one 30 feet away and one 6 feet away.
    You can use other locations later..

    Now go into the Rockstar editor and go edit the clips so you can be in the free camera.

    Now what you must do is place the camera exactly above the character, lets say 10 feet up.

    Verify that you are very much exactly on top (make circle looking down help) !

    Now stay there, for the remainder of the test (you can look up and down and all around and you will stay on top).

    And now you are ready to see the changes from 1.0x zoom to the 0.79x zoom !

    While looking strait down the character now go ahead and apply the zoom at 0.79x.

    Now while still looking strait down at the character, look up strait at the building, then look back down, repeat this several times ! ( you can feel you are right on top of the character !)

    What you have to notice is that the camera STAYS exactly on top of the character while you are looking up at the building !

    Now while looking strait ahead at the building look all around in a circle...

    You have to notice that you are pivoting right on top of the player !

    Once you have done this now change back to the standard 1.0x zoom !!

    And do the same test !

    Now here is what is important to notice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You will NOT stay above the character !

    When looking up at the building you get closer to it (because the standard 1.0x is zoomed up !)

    It is like you have a giant head inside the game !

    Now try again looking strait ahead and all around the character !
    You will notice you do not pivot on top of the character !!
    But you are instead making a circle around the his head, and the buildings are scowling in front of you and are to close !

    So with these parameters go back and fort from .079x to 1.0x and notice the change !

    If at 0.79x you look closely at the buildings and look at the top of those buildings you will see they look much nicer and taller as they should !

    ***I hope I have videos next time to illustrate this.

    ![0_1671914084473_mod 0.79X .jpg](Uploading 100%)

    ![0_1671914107125_MOD 0.79X OB.jpg](Uploading 100%)

    Well it seems I am not allowed to post pictures,,sorry.


    Another small test while you are at it;

    Again put the camera right on top of your character and go as high up as you can.

    Now looking strait down at the character you will notice that in 0.79x you will be able to judge how high you are much better than in 1.0x !
    And it will feel also that you are high up.
    My pictures showed why.

    Another one;
    while at the bottom of the maze bank, look at the top of the building and try and guess how tall it is in feets or meters.
    I think you will find it looks easier in 0.79x.

  • @Spacial3D

    I can't help any further, sorry. I hope someone can help you but my experience with the game play camera doesn't go beyond what I posted already.

  • @JohnFromGWN What program do you use to capture the game footage ?

  • @meimeiriver FYI I have never ever played with an ultra wide field of view in any games, I very much hate it !

  • Final thoughts.

    What I claim, at least for the third person view, is that if zoomed down to 0.79x 2 things happen; first you the player become the same size as the character, and second the map is restored to proper scale and distance.

    In other words 0.79x is the true origin point ! It is the true 100% the true "1.0x" the true zero out .

    As it is now the 1.0X is not at 100% but is at about 1.2X zoom.

    If you go smaller than 0.79x than you go beyond origin into the negative, "imploding", things get distorted...

    I will have a look at all the mods right now to see if one does the same as in the Rockstar Editor ?
    It would be nice though if we can keep the input numbers (1.0x) and not have to guess with an imprecise slider.

  • @JohnFromGWN Thanks much appreciated.

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