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  • Hello,
    So I reinstalled my game a while ago and tried to install mods. The Vanilla game runs fine, but when I add 3 mods, the game crashes on loading screen. When I have two mods, it crashes during the loading screen but with ERR_MEM_EMBEDDEDALLOC_FREE_2. I searched the internet about this error, but i can't see anyone have this problem as well. I also installed heap Limit Adjuster, packfile limit adjuster, and the newest game config.

  • @LSPDhighway , Yeah...I had the same issue when updating and reloading my mods. Good news - the game itself isn't broken. Bad news - the mods you're trying to load are broken or need updating. The only 'fix' available is to see if any of them work at all one by one. If you get an error or infinite screen, just chuck it 'cause there's nothing to do but let the mod creator know there's a problem and hope they get around to doing something about it.

  • @iammistahwolf So yeah, after i deleted the dlclist entries from the newest update, i had a liberty city vehicle pack and i think that gave me the error. So i deleted the entries of the newest dlc, and removed the lc pack. I had another dlc that crashed in solo, in there are rde peds, and it crashed on loading screen with no error message. But boom, dlc list entries from the newest update gone, no crash at loading screen, and the dlc with the peds works like nothing happened. I havent tested it with the lc pack, but maybe it is also fixed.

  • @iammistahwolf

    Those are excellent points you've made. People update SH5 and their gameconfig.xml and expect everything to go back to normal. But unfortunately some mods don't necessarily work after the patch because of game engine related changes or conflicts with the new dlc itself. GTAO breaks SP.

    Fact is, the game after the patch is no longer the same game.

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