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Game Still Crashing?

  • If after the update, or if you're new to modding and can't get the system to load based on advice from other threads or YouTube or whatever - either infinite loop or quick crash, you can try this process as a last resort.

    This is a very conservative approach. You may want to reboot after a few steps to ensure memory is properly cleared and available. If this approach doesn't work, you should seriously question your hardware and software and also whether you want to continue modding GTA5.

    Tip: remember that it's mods that are keeping your game from working and it's much easier to determine which one or ones are causing issues when you install one at a time and then test. It's much harder when you have 10,000 mods installed to figure out which one of the 10,000 is problematic. Slow and steady wins the race.


    alt text

  • For Step 7 (addons) and Step 8 (scripts) and mods in general, if you are still experiencing infinite load screens or quick crashes, try with different mods.

    After Rockstar GTA5 updates, any mods can be broken. They might be outdated or the might conflict with new DLC or just changes to the game engine or other vanilla game components.

    Also, reboot frequently to minimize memory leaks and losses resulting from constant crashes.

    Finally, remember that constant crashes may corrupt your save game file.

    Error messages are often useless, wrong, or misleading, but log files don't lie. Check your log files.

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