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black/plastic bodywork discolouring/purple colour

  • Hi guys,

    Iv started noticing on lots of cars that have black/plastic body work have turned purple with some also turning really dark green or very light purple.
    Does anyone have any idea what it is or why its happening. Obviously its a texture bug, just be handy to know more about it.


  • @Gborge98 It happens when the author of the mod use png or high compressed dds textures, using something like argb 32bpp dds solve the problem, because it is almost lossless, but larger file size, you can fix the color issue replacing the file with 0 saturation and saving with the 32bpp dds type, yet the image already had a bit of quality loss

  • @rbsacethanks for the explanation. If I remember correctly I'm not having the issue with mods. Its vanilla/update vehicles that are bugging out

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