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GTA 5 crashes after 10 minutes after downloading weapon mod succesfully

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    GTA 5 Crashes after 10 minutes or a half of hour, after installing weapon mods on mod folder, any solution how to prevent from crashing the game

    I do have dragon mod and flash mod, while I have replaced some weapons that replaces the standard camo but instead I renamed the standard camo mods into Luxe camo being able to replace have 2 weapon on 1 weapon, I succesfully did but I don't know what's wrong is it out of memory or something?

  • @VEntertainment when the game crashes go to root directort of gta 5 & look for, openivlog file . open it in txt editor like notepad. now scroll down to the end and paste last 15 lines of that log here. that log tells us the last file loaded before the game crashed. and its location as well. once we can see, this we can remedy the problem :) :D

  • @VEntertainment If you have a low end PC and if the model is a really high quality that may be causing the crashes

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    @FoxtrotDelta where do I find the root file

  • @VEntertainment its not a fie. its the directory [Folder] where your gta5.exe is located.

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    @FoxtrotDelta but there's many openiv files

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    @FoxtrotDelta can you give me a picture
    what is the name of the file

  • @VEntertainment if you read my original post carefully. i already told you the name of that file. its name is OPENIVLOG and it is a text File.

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    there's not a OPENIVlog file, I can only see one open iv file that is txt

  • @VEntertainment sorry then i won't be able to help you.

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    @FoxtrotDelta but when I go to OpenIV txt file, it says log file inside the file, but Where can i see what crashes the game inside that txt file what does it say?

  • @VEntertainment The OpenIV log file is called OpenIV.log but if you have file extensions hidden, it will just show as OpenIV and look like a text document.

    If you right click that file, and choose Open with > Notepad, does it open? If so, that's the file that contains the info that has been requested.

    If you do have file extensions hidden, then I would advise changing that option. You can do that through windows explorer by going to Organise > Folder and search options > View and uncheck the option that says Hide extensions for known file types. If you do that, you will be able to see what is a .log file, what is a .asi file etc...

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    @LeeC2202 I can only find the OpenIV.txt file but when I go inside that file this is what It looks like

    20/11/2016 00:36:35.238 [10880] TRACE: Log opened
    20/11/2016 00:36:35.238 [10880] TRACE: Init started (v.
    20/11/2016 00:36:35.334 [10880] TRACE: Init finished

  • @VEntertainment as said above you need OpenIV.log none other. proven wrong. you are looking just for that file. just paste the last 15 lines from that txt file here, after the game crashes. i'll have a look.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Do you think there could be something that is renaming the file on @VEntertainment 's system? What they posted is definitely part of the OpenIV.log file, it looks exactly like mine from those three lines.

    20/11/2016 15:22:28.432 [5824] TRACE: Log opened
    20/11/2016 15:22:28.432 [5824] TRACE: Init started (v.
    20/11/2016 15:22:28.534 [5824] TRACE: Init finished

  • @LeeC2202 wow after reading your post i checked out mine. may be they changed something in OpeniV 2.8 or may be the new update on steam did this. i am not sure how. but my OPENIV.log is also OPENIV.txt now it states this.

    20/11/2016 04:32:25.434 [2376] TRACE: Log opened
    20/11/2016 04:32:25.434 [2376] TRACE: Init started (v.
    20/11/2016 04:32:25.713 [2376] TRACE: Init finished
    20/11/2016 04:32:25.790 [2376] TRACE: [fiDeviceLocal::getFileAttr] 'common.rpf'
    20/11/2016 04:32:25.790 [2376] TRACE: [fiDeviceLocal::openBulk] 'common.rpf', RPF = true
    20/11/2016 04:32:25.790 [2376] TRACE: [fiDeviceLocal::getFileTime] 'common.rpf'
    20/11/2016 04:32:25.790 [2376] TRACE: [fiDeviceLocal::filelengthByName] 'common.rpf'
    20/11/2016 04:32:25.790 [2376] TRACE: [fiPackfile::openArchive] 'common.rpf'

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    yeah Im confused

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