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How to activate vans on the roads?

  • As many people know, in GTA 5, vans like Pony or Burrito almost never drive on the road, but only come across in parking lots. How to make them appear in traffic the same way as other cars?


    @Albany-Cavalcade by adding the modelnames to specific categories in popgroups.ymt

  • @ReNNie I tried doing this, but it didn't have any effect. Perhaps some parameter limits or completely blocks their frequency of occurrence in traffic

  • @Albany-Cavalcade It might be the Frequency value effecting their occurances :thinking: Although there are many vehicles are set inside the city area so it might take a long time for them to show up as well.

    You can try adding them to Sandy Shores instead and you may have better luck finding them driving there.

    Unfortunately game is just populating everywhere with only 3-5 brand/model vehicles and you are seeing the same vehicles everywhere just with different colors. Good for managing the engine and GPU load but bad for visuals and variety...

  • @Albany-Cavalcade
    Go into your 'vehicles.meta' & clear/delete all the entries from the '<flags>' lines for those vans.
    I suspect that will get them spawning more normally :thumbsup:

    Make '<flags>' line look like this:


    or this


    either works :thumbsup:

    Most Likely It's One, or a Combination of These Flags:


    You can leave any flags that are on normal spawning vehicles in place ('FLAG_AVERAGE_CAR' etc) if you like or add them back in after etc, deleting them all is just the easiest way to test & confirm to start with :thumbsup:

  • I've done this in the past, it's "FLAG_SMALL_WORKER".
    Just simply delete all lines that say that in the meta file, and you're good.

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