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How can I have add-on cars on the street?

  • Hi everyone
    **When I add a car to my game,I spawn it by trainer...But I want to now that how can I have those added cars on the streets without using trainer?
    Tnx ... **

  • @Alireza2000 if you want to steal it or see it someone else driving you >HAVE< to replace it and not just adding it

  • @Alireza2000 You have to edit the popgroups.ymt.

  • @ahmed023 No, it's possible to add add-on vehicles to traffic.

  • @Akila_Reigns where can i find the popgroup.ymt?

  • @Akila_Reigns **So,how can I edit this file? **

  • @Alireza2000 @ahmed023

    PC version of the Popgroups.ymt is encrypted, so you need a console version to edit it. One can be found here.

    • To add the vehicle into traffic, paste this: <Item><Name>"vehicle name"</Name><Variations type="NULL"/></Item>
    • Type the spawn name of the vehicle in (vehicle name) part.
      <Item><Name>Chiron</Name><Variations type="NULL"/></Item>

    There are a few vehicle groups.

    You should type the line under the suitable group.

    <Name>VEH_POOR</Name> = Poor vehicles.
    <Name>VEH_MID</Name> = Middle class vehicles.
    <Name>VEH_RICH</Name> = Luxury cars.
    <Name>VEH_HAULAGE</Name> = Vehicles that can haul.
    <Name>VEH_UTILITY</Name> = Utility vehicles.
    <Name>VEH_FREEWAY</Name> = Vehicles that spawn in Freeways.
    <Name>VEH_LARGE_CITY</Name> = Vehicles that spawn in large cities.
    <Name>VEH_COUNTRYSIDE_OFFROAD</Name> = Vehicles that appear in Blaine County, Off road.
    <Name>VEH_COUNTRYSIDE_ONROAD</Name> = Vehicles that appear in Blaine County, On road.
    <Name>VEH_YANKTON</Name> = Vehicles that appear in North Yankton.
    <Name>VEH_BIKES</Name> = Bikes.
    <Name>VEH_ARMY</Name> = Army vehicles.
    <Name>VEH_BOATS</Name> = Boats.
    <Name>VEH_BICYCLES</Name> = Bicycles.
    <Name>VEH_BEACH_BIKE</Name> = Bicycles that appear on beaches.
    <Name>VEH_LOST</Name> = Lost MC's vehicles.
    <Name>VEH_COPCAR</Name> = Police vehicles.
    <Name>VEH_COPRURAL</Name> = Police vehicles that appear in Blaine County.
    <Name>VEH_HWAYCOP</Name> = Highway police vehicles.
    <Name>VEH_TAXI</Name> = Commercial vehicles.
    <Name>VEH_AIRPORT</Name> = Airport vehicles.
    <Name>VEH_TRANSPORT</Name> = Transport vehicles.
    When adding one car can be added under several groups given above. For an example, the Bugatti Chiron can be added under <Name>VEH_RICH</Name> and <Name>VEH_FREEWAY</Name>.
    After editing, replace the original popgroups.ymt in mods\update\update.rpf\x64\levels\gta5.

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