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how to remove grass

  • https://imgur.com/QcKMl1Z
    In the picture above you can see a type of grass which I'd like to remove but I don't know how. I'm trying to create an addon map, but this grass just noclips through the objects, so I want to remove all of it to have a clear space. I saw with codewalker that this type of grass is not identified as an object so I can't just delete it like any other ordinary prop.

  • @Abrian19
    Ctrl+F3 in OpenIV & search for 'v_proc1.rpf'. Pretty sure the textures for those yellow & purple flowered plants are in 'ng_ip_dry_bushes.ytd' within 'v_proc1.rpf'. You should find other similar plants in the other files in there too.
    Either, find the '.ydr' they are using & replace it with an empty one, or make the textures blank. That should get rid of them :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Is there a way I can remove the grass only from that place? Because I saw I can get rid of all the grass that I'm talking about by turning the grass texture quality on low in the settings. My wish is remove only the ones that are located inside the sandy shores town.

  • @Abrian19
    Yeah sure, you can do that in Codewalker:

    Delete Proc Grass

    It can be a bit fiddly finding & selecting a specific box of grass, but if you plan to delete them all from a large area, it'll be dead easy. Just delete them as you select them etc.

    Basically, open the Project Window (in '[Tools]' menu), put the 'Mode:' selection dropdown on [Grass] :digit_one:, select the grass boxes:digit_two:, hit '[Add to Project]':digit_three: & then the [Delete] button :digit_four:, save each of the '.ymap's once you're finished deleting everything :digit_five: & then add them to your addon map dlc etc. :thumbsup:

    If you find out/know what '.ymap's the procedural grasses are in, you can open them manually & delete them that way. Proc grass ymaps are pretty big (like 500,000+ lines etc), but manual deletion is by far the fastest way to delete them in bulk.

    After opening a '.ymap' in OpenIV using Edit (Ctrl+Enter), if you hit [End] to go to the bottom of the '.ymap', then hold Shift & highlight </GrassInstanceList>, & then while continuing to hold Shift, also press down Ctrl & then [Home] it will highlight everything from where you selected right to the top of the file, then continuing to hold Shift, use Down Arrow on keyboard to backtrack down to start of <GrassInstanceList> line, hit Delete, & replace it all with:


    That will remove every instance of procedural grass etc from that '.ymap', in a few seconds :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th thanks a lot, it worked

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