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How to make a towable vehicle

  • So im stumped on how i can make a car/truck towable meaning it can pull a trailer.? is there something in the .metas i gotta do?

  • @NicholasPTgamer Within the vehicle.meta, you'll find an entry that says <trailers> and you can put the model name of the trailer you'd like it to be able to tow here (do note that trailers in this entry will spawn in traffic on the back of the vehicle). The entry <additionalTrailers> will do the same thing as the previous entry, however the trailer will not spawn being towed by this vehicle however the vehicle will still be able to tow this trailer if the player wants to attach the trailer themself.

    Flags also come into play here if you want the vehicle to be able to spawn in traffic with the trailer occasionally being towed. These flags are FLAG_ATTACH_TRAILER_ON_HIGHWAY FLAG_ATTACH_TRAILER_IN_CITY.

    All of this extra information relating to your topic aside, to my knowledge any vehicle can't just start pulling trailers as I do believe that they need to have a certain dummy on their vehicle model and depending on what vehicle you're trying to allow to pull a vehicle, most don't have that dummy in place unless you add it yourself.

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