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Anyone think they can find out exactly why one (custom made) dlcpack is crashing my game?

  • I've been working on a custom made dlcpack for a good year now and it has started to crash ever since a few changes I have made to it (and the recent update) came out.

    If anyone who is willing to spend a few hours or so finding out what the problem is I would be extremely grateful as I've lost the time to test every possible issue out and search through every file to find out what it could be.

    Is anyone interested with taking on such a task?



    do not create multiple topics for your issue

    in regard to filesize 3.98GB is still okay, the game can not handle anything above 4.2GB

  • @ReNNie My apologies, the one topic was meant to be a broad semi-related question just in case if file size was the problem and as a question for potential future usage.

    Regarding the dlcpack itself, am I allowed to post a link onto here for others to download the dlcpack and see if they can find the problem? I don't want to post a link without confirmation on it being cool.


    @Ethical sure, although I doubt you'll get much reponse, you're better off trying your luck in our discord tbh

  • @ReNNie Alright, if I'm able to get more help in the Discord then I might as well try there instead. Do you happen to have a link to the server?

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