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Free script/mod/powers full access

  • Are there any free (no trial or fake Patreon access) mods for GTA superhero skins? I spent a lot of time trying to install and get them to work only to be told to pay via Patreon. I know they're great mods but just looking for something honest and free at the moment.

  • Other than the Captain America powers that's on this site I haven't seen anything else that isn't locked to patreon. that's also why I don't bother with stuff like the Hulk and Superman powers since I don't trust people that lock their stuff like that and use call home programs to check in.

  • @NooLoo JulioNIB's free superhero scripts are dope! For example Superman, Thor , Thanos, Ironman, Magneto, heaps more too!

    The free versions feature all the main stuff you would expect from the specific characters. Only the extra powers / moves are Patreon exclusives. Ftr. Generally speaking I hate Patreon but if the free versions are real good then for those who wish to pay extra for the Patreon versions and get more then it's cool.

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