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Sea animals die under water

  • Whenever trying to create a scene using menyoo, all the sea animals that I spawn die within a few moments underwater, even when set to be invincible. Am I missing anything? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

  • even if you spawn dolphins in an area of the ocean where they are swimming around, they will die.
    for some reason there seems no workaroud except to attach the dead sea animal to a ball, and turn the ball 180 degrees.
    if you attach the ball to something else what swims (boat, car etc) then you can move the creature, but sadly you can not animate a dead creature.

  • @oloMolo @GoonQ

    You can basically do anything you want in GTA 5. You just need imagination. I'm sure you've all seen aquariums in GTA 5, so yes it is possible.

    You can even spawn them in air if you want. This has been discussed and solved in a previous post.

  • Yeah, I've spawned undersea creatures in pools and made aquariums. Problem is; keeping them alive when the mod spawns in. If they are alive, they lose the animation (scenarios usually don't save). And yes, 'you can't animate the dead' in GTAV. You can use a 'revive gun' in Menyoo...it worked on a dolphin that was close to the surface once....

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