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[MISC] Make my face. I'll pay for it in the form of sms

  • Who make my face model to freemode male ??
    I'll pay for that form sms. Please :)
    interested, please write to my email

  • Your chances are higher to get someone to do this, if you supplied a photo of your face in this topic. The freemode head altering features do let you go quite in depth with what you can make, but their are definitely a lot of limitations to it as well. Which might make your request simply not possible. Which is why you should just add a picture to your topic, that way people can easily view the photo, and determine if it could actually be done.

    I respect any privacy issues you might have by posting a photo of your face on here, It would just make your request passed around to more people much faster.

    Probably people who might do it for free, simply for the challenge.

    But anyways its your call on that. I'm just giving my humble advice.

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