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does anyone know what could cause the sun to flicker here? using gta 5 redux and an enb. no other mods. help would be very much appreciated.

  • @Stormshooter98
    Not a clue, other than Redux is a house of cards & easy to break with file changes.
    When did it start happening, see if you can track back to what file might have caused it etc. That might help narrow the initial search if you get to the 'Diagnostic 'mods' Folder Rebuild' below. Also elimnate ENB by test disabling it from the menu in-game & also try a DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) diagnostic uninstall of your graphics driver in Windows Safe Mode to eliminate any potential driver related issues, before installing it again normally once you boot back into Windows.

    Diagnostic 'mods' Folder Rebuild:
    If none of that helps, you'll likely be able to find the cause with a diagnostic 'mods' folder rebuild.

    Basically, rename your current 'mods' folder to something else & test load the game to confirm whether the issue resides within your 'mods' folder or not, & if so, leaving your original 'mods' folder renamed for now, create a new empty folder in it's place called 'mods' & then move files/folder structures over from your old folder to the new one one at a time, loading the game inbetween each change, until you find the rough location of what is causing it.

    After a general location is found, use the same principle of moving files/folders in & out of that location to figure out what '.rpf' causes the issue & then the same within the archive to figure out what archive folder structure/file is the root cause.

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