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Overhauled Trains Installation Help

  • Hi everyone, I recently tried to install Overhauled Trains for GTA 5 and the game crashes upon loading. I followed the text doc that came with it and even did some troubleshooting via YouTube comments just to be sure and it's not working. Things I'd like to note are: The text document says to replace the update.rpf file with a modified one, and there's no modified file in the zip file so I don't really know what that means, and that this is my first time installing a mod for GTA 5 and I frankly have zero idea what I am doing lol. Also I have the Steam version if that helps at all.
    If anyone could give me a more detailed guide on installing it I'd greatly appreciate it, as the readme isn't very clear on a lot of things.

  • @MarioYoshi4723
    Haven't tested Overhauled Trains [Lore-Friendly | Liveries] 3.0, so I can't talk for whether the mod actually works or not, but I'll run though the installation instructions & you can check you have that correct etc :thumbsup:

    	1. Download openIV and create a MODs folder. (see more on OpenIV's site)

    Presume you have 1. covered, but I'll run over it, just in case someone else starting out reads this down the line etc.

    Download OpenIV, install it & then install it's plugins using the inbuilt ASI Manager (OpenIV > Tools tab > ASI Manger)

    The minimum you need to have a working 'mods' folder is the OpenIV.ASI plugin & the ASI Loader plugin (they turn green when installed). openCamera plugin is optional.

    Minimum Plugins

    'mods' Folder:
    Create a folder named 'mods' here:

    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods

    	2. Place the "overhauledtrains" folder into "mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\".

    Place the 'overhauledtrains' folder from the download into your 'dlcpacks' folder so that the path to the overhauled trains 'dlc.rpf' looks like this:

    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\overhauledtrains\dlc.rpf\

    	3. In OpenIV, navigate to "update\update.rpf\common\data\" and find "dlclist.xml".
    		Extract this file, and add the following line under the last item:
    		Replace the file in update.rpf with the modified one.

    You edit 'dlclist.xml' to look (somewhat) like this:

    dlclist.xml Example: (Note: actual line names may differ depending on what particular add-on you have installed)

    		<Item>dlcpacks:\overhauledtrains\</Item> <!-- enter add-on lines here above the '</Paths>' line -->

    In the part "Replace the file in update.rpf with the modified one" the mod author just means edit 'dlclist.xml' & place the edited 'dlclist.xml' file back in the location you found it. You can either, drag & drop it out of OpenIV & edit with an external text editor (Notepad++ is a good choice) & then drag & drop it back into it's original location in OpenIV, or edit the file from within OpenIV using right-click 'dlclist.xml' > Edit (or by highlighting 'dlclist.xml' & hitting Ctrl+Enter).

    	4. In OpenIV, navigate to "common.rpf\data\levels\gta5\".
    		Replace "trains.xml", "traintracks.xml" and "trains1.dat" with the modified ones provided.

    I'm going to augment & edit the instructions here & say install the files to 'update.rpf' (instead of 'common.rpf') as that is the most likely point of failure. Basically, any file with the same name & in the same hierarchal folder structure within 'update.rpf' will be loaded by the game instead of the same file/same location in 'common.rpf'. So it's possible to replace files in 'common.rpf', but still have the game load another version of the file if it exists within 'update.rpf' also.

    Try installing the 'trains.xml', 'traintracks.xml' and 'trains1.dat' files into the 'gta5' folder here instead:

    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\levels\gta5\


    Search Box:
    You can use Ctrl+F3 to open a Search box in OpenIV to search for files by name. You can choose to search everywhere ('mods' folder & game folder (game folder = the vanilla files location)), or just the 'mods' folder, or just the game folder using the 'Search area:' dropdown menu.

    Syntax Error Checking:
    If you open a file within OpenIV using either right-click 'dlclist.xml' > Edit or highlighting 'dlclist.xml' & hitting Ctrl+Enter (ie in Edit mode etc) you can syntax check the file using the '[</> XML]' button at the top. Everyone can make mistakes inputting data, so it's a handy feature to have at your disposal.
    When you edit a file within OpenIV, if a syntax error is found, OpenIV should automatically warn you of it when you try to save the file, but having the option to do it manually as you work is also useful.

  • That did the trick! Thank you so much! If anyone has any contacts to Walter, please let him know to update the readme file, I know I'm not the only one who struggled for days to install this.

  • @MarioYoshi4723
    He was last online ~2 years ago. Not sure if he'll be back, so I put a post in the mod's comments section linking to this thread, for future people with same/similar issues etc :thumbsup:

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