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NPC not ragdoling when I shoot them

  • I tried looking online but I cant find anything dose anyone know how to fix this? vide: https://outplayed.tv/media/Q4LvYr

  • @XMOrtiz
    Not sure what the issue is, never seen that before, but maybe try test installing a few of the ragdoll mods from the main site & see if that clears it up. If so, at least you'll have a shortlist of what files the issue potentially resides in.

    Make backups first before installing them & you can revert & diagnose the issue if need be. 7zip can extract '.oiv' installers (right-click '.oiv' > 7zip > Extract here/Extract to... etc) & allow you to read the 'assembly.xml' so you can see what files the '.oiv' installs & where, if any of them are packaged like that etc. Then you know what '.rpf' archives to backup first etc.

  • ive tried a couple dif ragdoll mods none of have fixed it i might just have uninstall all my mods

  • @XMOrtiz
    Do it in parts, temporarily rename your 'scripts' folder & load the game to see if the issue is in there. Try the same thing with your 'mods' folder after.
    If removing/renaming your 'mods' folder fixes it, try a diagnostic 'mods' folder rebuild (see basics below), if not, verify your game's integrity using one of these methods:

    Diagnostic 'mods' Folder Rebuild:

    Basically, rename your current 'mods' folder to something else & create a new empty folder in it's place called 'mods' & then move files/folder structures over from your old folder to the new one, one at a time, loading the game inbetween each change, until you find the rough location of what is causing it.

    After a general location is found, use the same principle of moving files/folders in & out of that location to figure out what '.rpf' causes the issue & then the same within the archive to figure out what archive folder structure/file is the root cause.

    If the issue exists within your 'mods' folder, That^ method is guaranteed to be able to find & identify it. From there, either replace the file with a vanilla working version or diagnose further & fix whatever's broken etc.

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