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something about the textures

  • Who can tell me how to change the embedded textures

  • @lamardaves
    You're just not trying today Lamar. I've noticed your grades are beginning to slip. Is there something distracting you at home perhaps?

    That's me doing my concerned Teacher impression :slight_smile:.

    Exactly what kind of files are these embedded textures in? If you've tried OpenIV's 'Export to openFormats' (in OpenIV's right-click menu for compatible files) & that hasn't worked, you can likely use CodeWalker's Export to XML functionality (in CW's RPF Explorer's right-click menu > 'Export XML...') to export them for editing & such.
    Let me know the file types & what your usage case is (ie what you want to do) & I'll tell you the best/easiest solution :thumbsup:

  • This embedded texture is a kind of dds file.The texture is embedded in the flag model file. And I want to change the flag file to the one I designed.
    Could you teach me how to use or find out the CodeWalker in OpenIV?

  • @lamardaves
    Paint.NET is free & can open & edit '.dds' texture files.

    As to installing the model file back into the game. If you exported it to openFormats with OpenIV to be able to access the '.dds' textures, just drag & drop the '.odr/.odd' file back into OpenIV in it's original location & it will be automatically converted to a '.ydr/.ydd'.

  • But when I going to export the model file. There is a option "Export skeleton to openFormats".
    Is this one?
    And it exported a ".skel" file. My computer can't open it.

  • @lamardaves
    That means it's a '.yft' prop file most likely. Use Codewalker's RPF Explorer to access it & export it to XML & you'll be able to access the textures, edit them with photoshop/paint etc, & then reimport them back into the game again :thumbsup:

    Codewalker Export/Import XML Instructions:


    • Open Codewalker's RPF Explorer. either by using the 'CodeWalker RPF Explorer.exe' in the Codewalker install folder, or access it once you've opened Codewalker by going: CW > '[<<]' button (top right) > '[Tools...]' button > 'RPF Explorer...'
    • In RPF Explorer window, use the search box (top right) to search for your prop by name & find the correct location you want to edit (ie the one in your 'mods' folder & loaded by the game etc).
    • Right-click '.yft' & select 'Export XML...' & choose a location to export it to
    • It will export a prop-name-here.yft & a folder of the same name to that location (textures are in the folder :thumbsup:)


    • Back in the RPF Explorer window, go to the file's install location, either manually, or by right-clicking the prop in RPF Explorer's search results & hitting 'Open File Location'
    • Enter edit mode by hitting '[:shield:Edit mode]' button (top right-ish) & accepting any warnings it gives you
    • Right-click anywhere in the folder & select 'Import XML...' & select your 'prop-name-here.yft.xml' > '[Open]' to import the file & replace the original.

  • Thanks for your help friend.
    I have solved this problem by your help.

  • By the way. Can I ask you advice the another question that how to the export a part of 'ydd' model file individually?

  • @lamardaves
    A '.ydd' is basically a collection of individual '.ydr' files. If you right-click the '.ydd' in OpenIV & select 'Export to openFormats (Ctrl+S)' & export it, it will create a '.odd' file & a folder of the same name that contains individual '.odr' files & folders of their same names within it.
    The '.odr' files within that folder can be treated the same as exported to openFormats '.ydr' files. They can be opened & edited individually with 3DS Max, or if individually dragged & dropped back into OpenIV will create their own individual '.ydr' files.
    Depending on what you want to edit, those individual '.ydr' files can further be exported as normal, either by using OpenIV > 'Export to openFormats (Ctrl+S)' on them individually or by using Codewalker's 'Export XML...'.

    Some combination of the above should allow you to access what you need to :thumbsup: & once complete, you can always place the edited '.odr' & it's folder back into the '.odd' folder (replacing the original file/folder) & then drag & drop the '.odd' back into OpenIV to install the new '.ydd' (that contains the edited '.odr/.ydr' etc).

  • @a63nt-5m1th @lamardaves

    Coincidentally, just wrote a quick and dirty tutorial.

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