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my tuning parts on this car doesn't apply correctly

  • i downloaded this car https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2015-dodge-challenger-hq-super-tuning-hellcat-nfs2015-animated-engine
    The tuning parts of this car are not placed correctly its bumper is placed far right side or left side of the car and the spoiler it place in the middle of the car and the fenders are not correctly place
    does anyone know how to fix this bug/problem
    so its tuning parts are correctly place where it needs to be placedimage  for the wrongly placed tuning parts
    alt text

  • @alpah-phantom
    Ignore the instructions in the download & install the 'carcols.meta' & 'vehicles.meta' to the 'mpjanuary2016' 'update.rpf' ' 'dlc_patch' folder structure instead :thumbsup:

    Install them within 'update.rpf' here:


    If you encounter an issue where it spawns ambiently on the streets all flickering & glitchy, have a read of the "Add to your original 'vehiclemodelsets.meta':" section in this post. Basically, to fix the flickering, remove all the 'sultanrs' entries from 'popgroups.ymt' & spawn the challenger ambiently using 'vehiclemodelsets' instead (bonus, you can get it to spawn on the streets in various locations with any upgrades you want pre-applied, see pics in linked post etc).

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