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How to get the value of a cash drop pickup?

  • I'm wondering if anyone knows how to get the number of dollars a cash drop pickup contains?

    Long version of the issue:
    This is only a real issue when playing with model skins other than the player skins. Switching to another skin seems to permanently (during the session) disable cash pickups from adding money to the player. The cash is still picked up, the sound is playing but no money is added. Native scripts doesn't seem to handle the player as a player anymore in different ways after switching skins, even if the skin is changed back to a player skin.

    Now, what I'm looking for is way to get the money amount. I guess a way to get a cash pickup can be to get all pickups, filter by comparing ENTITY::GET_ENTITY_MODEL and the cash model hash. Maybe _IS_PICKUP_WITHIN_RADIUS and ENTITY::IS_ENTITY_TOUCHING_ENTITY or ENTITY::IS_ENTITY_TOUCHING_MODEL can be used to detect if close (if they are not removed by a native script before touching).

    If a cash drop is found, how do I get the value of it?

  • @R3QQ Probably your best bet would be to look through the Native Database

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