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How to take the best pictures in gta5

  • I don't know how to take a perfect picture like the famous mod developers. Also, what mod is best for me?

  • @BIG-YOSHIKI , Yeah...so first up you'll need to have a decent GPU with RAM about 8GB's or better. Have your settings in the game pretty high (and still have enough RAM left over to actually play smoothly.) Then you'll need a good mod to freeze the game without any stuttering or aliasing. Last, you'll need to know how to work Photoshop or other comparable image manipulation software.

  • @iammistahwolf I have no problem with the performance of my computer, when I try to take pictures with Menyoo MOD, I get unwanted objects in the picture, any recommendations?

  • @BIG-YOSHIKI There's some decent screen capture mods here. I can't remember the one I use. Post an image here so I can see what you're dealing with.


  • @BIG-YOSHIKI Taking "perfect" pictures has very little to do with technology. Great screenshots follow the same rules as great photography. Some of the elements such as focus and exposure are almost impossible to screw up with a computer, yet many modders post incredibly dark photos, with very little discernible detail. Some actually post pictures with motion blur when it only ruins the shot. You don't have to worry about wind, shutter speed, F Stop, or changing light with computers.

    The key to great screenshots is the same as for great photography and it's no secret. It's about both technique and art, primarily composition. About placing your subject properly, removing distracting objects etc. Unless your screenshot is total crap you won't need photoshop, although the latter is great for adjusting levels (whites, blacks, midtones).

    Go to google image and search for the subjects you want to create - cars, peds, landscapes, portraits and get inspired. A great photographer will take better photos with a cheap cellphone than a noob with a $4000 Nikon full frame Fx DSLR. So, unfortunately taking great pictures, while it certainly can be learned, is also a talent, and in the case of the greatest photographers, you might call it a gift. In other words, you need skills to take great mod photos, not just great equipment and mods, just like in real life. Just hitting F12 in Steam or Print Screen doesn't cut it.

    No need for mods unless you want a specific camera angle that isn't available from the gameplay camera. One thing you will need to know how to do, if you're shooting a scene is how to use animations to pose your subjects. And of course, disable all map elements such as radar, health, money, and FPS.

    As for resolution, it's only important for printing or those who have high resolution monitors, but don't go below 1080.

    If you do want to change the camera angle, here is a very, very old mod that AFAIK is still functional. Will allow you to place camera and remove its HUD as well. I use another mod, can't remember the name, and my own scripted cameras. The R* editor is overkill and a huge huge PITA because you have to restart your game and it doesn't like some mods.


    Edit: mod above was already mentioned in a previous post. I think the other one I tried was this one:

    The advantage of the camera mods (no need for fake looking ENBs and Visual Mods) is to allow closeups and changes in the Field of View (FOV) without having to put the player in FP view. You can see the hud in this quick screenshot. Of course the composition and lighting can be improved but overall the picture is good. Avoid having your subjects in the center of the screenshot, this is called the Golden Ratio. I could have moved the subjects slightly over, but I think the result is fine - first third of photo is blank, subjects are in the other 2/3 rds.

    alt text

  • @JohnFromGWN Now that I know how to do this, I'm getting better pics! Thank you very much.

  • @BIG-YOSHIKI I'm glad. A wonderful thing about screenshots, and digital photography too, is that you don't waste or have to spend money on film.

    So the more shots you take, the better you will get. Try different camera angles, avoid distracting objects, play with the time and weather settings in Menyoo to create ambience, try closeups for portraits, wider angles for landscapes.

    You can use photoshop or another image editor afterwards to crop or make adjustments to brightness, contrast etc, but you should try and get a good shot the first time out.

    enjoy and please share.

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