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Texture Loss

  • I always get Texture loss when installing Firearm Weapon Mods. It doesnt happen with Melee Weapons. I have all patches (like Decal Limit and so on). I have few Script Mods aswell. Are there any Script Mods which could cause Texture loss?

  • @CnK
    Rename your 'scripts' folder & then test load the game to confirm whether or not scripts involved. Maybe remove any '.asi' script mods you suspect from your main Grand Theft Auto V root folder as well.

    Most likely though, it's just a simple case of weapon mod authors supplying big 4K+ textures. Check the texture files for that & reduce them by 50% etc using XnResize (free) or Photoshop/another art program etc if they are bigger than 2048x2048.

  • Do High Quality Textures cause Textureloss even on a RTX 3070? or do theay cause it in general?

  • @CnK
    Yeah, even on a RTX 4090. The graphics card you use has very little to do with it, it's a game engine limitation, if you keep adding large textures, sooner or later the game will :poop: the bed & you'll begin to get slow or no loading textures.

    Different parts of the game (environment, vehicles, weapons etc) can handle different amounts before issues begin to appear.

    Simplest solution is to reduce the size of the textures, if indeed that is your issue (would need to confirm that by testing smaller textures & seeing if that fixes it etc), but you can also sometimes get away with editing the PhysicalStreamingBuffer & VirtualStreamingBuffer values in 'gameconfig.xml' (& possibly others).


                        <ArchiveCount value="3160"/>
                        <PhysicalStreamingBuffer value="252"/>
                        <VirtualStreamingBuffer value="1000"/>

    I'm not too up on the specifics, having never gone in-depth editing those gameconfig values etc, so worth doing some research to find other sources of info out there specific to 'gameconfig.xml' editing. Basically though, you raise the PhysicalStreamingBuffer & VirtualStreamingBuffer values in unison. ie multiply whatever value you put in PhysicalStreamingBuffer by 3.96825396825, then round up or down to an integer value (ie a whole number, like 252, not 252.25, or anything with a decimal point) & that's your VirtualStreamingBuffer value etc.
    There may be other usage cases where that rule doesn't apply, it's not a hard rule or anything. Feel free to play about with the values if you like, as editing them is specific to each individual install & mod setup anyway, so you're best values won't necessarily be the same as someone else's, you need to find your own best values etc.

    Don't go crazy with the values though, more doesn't always = better, it's all about balance. You want to move them up slowly, loading the game inbetween each change until you find just enough to get your textures loading smoothly (if it's possible), but not too much that you begin to cause other issues &/or performance degredation etc. No guarantees this, or other potential 'gameconfig.xml' value edits, will fix every texture loading issue you encounter in GTA V, but it can definitely be worth researching & playing about with 'gameconfig.xml' values as regards texture streaming issues. Results my vary obvs.

    Here's some gta5-mods focused Google searches to get you started if you decide to go this route:



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