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Need Some Guide on how emblems and decals work in menyoo and simple trainers etc

  • as title says need help on how do i use emblems and decals in trainers tried 3 trainers so far but whenever i use emblems its always blank cant see anything on character when i even installed mods went to the specific number and the appropriate character but still is empty need some guidance on what am i doing wrong . also running the latest version of game
    and wanted decals to work in sp.

  • @R-E-L-A-X First off, do they work in vanilla with no Mods? Second, how much GPU-RAM do you have available? I've found decals rely heavily on memory available. After playing long sessions, when memory useage gets heavy decals will disappear. If you're not using a Mods folder with OIV and they aren't working in vanilla, run a 'file verification' in the launcher. If you have a legit copy, then that should fix it. If you're running a Mods folder, it's probably something in there blocking or using resources decals need to be visible.

  • @iammistahwolf nope in vanilla game it doesnt run as well my ram running 16 gigs ddr5 and gpu 1660super 6gig dont know why but for vehicles and other stuff i can add liveries and vinyls to it but i in specific am talking about mp characters the decal section or emblem if u call it doesnt work there not in vanilla or with mods. while in online my character seems fine so dont know whys that even tried removing everything from mod and tried using different single mods that uses slot called decl_001 something like these but they wont show up on the character specifically even in vanilla game

  • @R-E-L-A-X Yes, I was talking about 'decals' for MP characters particularly the ones used for clothes. What trainer(s) are you using? I use 'Simple', 'Enhanced' and 'Menyoo'. Any one of those will work well, however each one has strong points the others don't. That and if one crashes you may still be able to keep playing. If they work online, they absolutely should in offline SP. Again I ask, 'is your copy legit?' A bootleg copy would explain this issue. If it's legit, run a 'file integrity fix' from the launcher. If there are issues with the base files it will address them. Also, are you running 'OIV'? If so, you most likely didn't put the updated dlc folders from the vanilla side into your mods folder.

  • @iammistahwolf yep using both the legit copy and have the cracked version too and yes my game dlc folder is updated to latest 1.64 i believe is latest one but doesnt work on both legit copy and cracked for cracked i would understand but dont know why legit game is doing this . also i have simple trainer as well as menyoo doesnt work in both

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