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Spawn color change for add-on vehicles

  • How do I change the spawn color of an add-on vehicle?


    @BIG-YOSHIKI carvariations.meta

  • @ReNNie I don't know what part of carvariations.meta I need to modify to change the spawn color.

  • @BIG-YOSHIKI said in Spawn color change for add-on vehicles:

    I don't know what part of carvariations.meta I need to modify to change the spawn color.

    Method 1. Use your Trainer. In Menyoo, F8 (default), Vehicle Options, Menyoo Customs, Paint. Select color from menu options including RGB.

    Method 2. From OpenIV, edit the file called carvariations.meta. Look for the xml tag called colors
    The only values you're concerned with are the first (primary colour) and the second (secondary colour).
    If you want the car to only spawn in that colour, then either set the same values for all or delete the other options.

    <indices content="char_array">

    Method 3. From a script. There are many variations possible here. You can change the colour by its name (red) or by rgb etc.

    Function.Call(Hash.SET_VEHICLE_MOD_COLOR_1, vehicle15, 1, 23, 0);    //last argument is 0, 1 means metallic
    vehicle15.Mods.PrimaryColor = VehicleColor.MetallicRacingGreen;
    Function.Call(Hash.SET_VEHICLE_COLOURS, LastVehicle, PaintIndex.Value, PaintIndex.Value);
    and dozen more ways either through natives or wrappers.

    Bonus Tip. Save a car in Menyoo and then look at the xml. Look for the colours tag (british this time, U.S. first time)


    Again the first two are what you want to change. You can use these values in a script or in carvariations.meta.
    Notice the 4th value is AFAIK always set to 156.

    If you don't like to experiment, there are mods that will give you samples of colours.


  • @JohnFromGWN I was able to successfully change my settings this way! Thank you very much for teaching me how to do this.

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