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Can't save changes to 'playerinfo.ymt' file....

  • Got tired of waiting for a fix for 'No Boundary Limits' by Alloc8or, so I took a look at SonofUgly's version. His is just a change of parameters in the 'playerinfo.ymt' file. So I put the file into OIV ('cause OIV won't let you access the one already in the Mods Folder) and made some changes to see if it would work. Saved everything, but wanted to check some spelling and reopened the file. Nuthin'. Even though OIV 'allowed' the save, none of the changes stuck and it reverted back to the original. WTH?

  • @iammistahwolf You should write OpenIV because when i read OIV it means an installer. I have easily installed 100 "worlds" and race tracks, LC, SF, LF, French Riviera, all the AC maps, NFSMW, RDD, Vice City, all the huge Japan expressways, Isle of Man, etc. I have never had an issue with No Boundary Limits. Can you elaborate? Which map, what issues?

  • @JohnFromGWN Yeah, in SP NBL breaks teleports either with Menyoo or 'Portals' markers. The 'Max Depth' patch 'surfaces' your ped when teleporting into or moving through under map interiors. Specifically, those beneath the Docks where 'Simeon's' Garage is. When selected as 'False', it won't let your ped teleport through markers on foot but will allow it in Menyoo if your ped is in a vehicle (if vehicle option is checked). It's been doing this since the 'Contract' dlc. When you remove NBL from the game everything works, but you're stuck with all of 'R's' dumb world limits. So, since Alloc8r is MIA and the only ones on Github working on this do so for 5M, I figured trying to alter the playerinfo.ymt file but for whatever reason it won't allow changes to save if you can open the file at all.

  • @iammistahwolf Got it. Thank God for 2372.

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