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How do i change the top speed

  • I tried to find something about it in here
    but i didnt find anything
    anyone knows how to change it?

  • @amitr1 this is the line you are looking for in that guide. i hope it helps. this line controls Top speed. you will have to increase drive force too., if the vehicle does not reach the speed you wrote in the below line.

    Determines the speed at redline in top gear. Setting this value does not guarantee the vehicle will reach this speed. Multiply the number in the file by 0-82 to get the speed in mph or multiply by 1.32 to get kph

    Value: 0.00 - 500.0 and above.

  • @FoxtrotDelta ty!
    do you know how to change the accelrtion( 0-100)

  • @FoxtrotDelta and second question
    in how much do i need to increase the driveforce?

  • @amitr1 everything is clearly stated in that guide. just increse the numbers slowly and see the results till you are satisfied.

  • @FoxtrotDelta can you please tell me what line is the accelrtion?

  • @amitr1 acceleration is a combination of all factors. but if you just want Raw acceleration , increase traction a bit and also this line


  • @FoxtrotDelta ty
    last question(i hope)
    the car that i want to change is just to quick
    im just pressing "w"
    and its flying
    how do i make it normal
    i think its the same commands but im not sure so i am asking
    and if it does the same you probably think im stupid but i understand you xD

  • @amitr1 decrease the same line's number. don't increase in like from 0.9997 to 4.9997
    change it like 0.9997 to 0.7777 only in points decimals.

  • @amitr1 Changing the "nInitialDriveGears value" (how many gears your car has) will also make your vehicle faster. Try 7 or 8 gears and you will see that you reach the wanted top speed. But there's a speed limit in vanilla game at 540 kmh. With rage plugin you can go higher, see


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