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    Looking for help in getting a script going that allows custom modkits/tuning parts for addons/replace to spawn in general traffic.

    Seems like its possible to detect specific vehicles with "GetNearbyVehicles" and set a radius of detection for the vehicles we want to spawn with tuning (Exclude close vehicles ~200ft, Also exclude far away vehicles ~700ft).

    We can check if the car already has tuning with "GetVehicleModKit", and if it does then we leave it alone.

    If it is stock, then use "SetVehicleModkit" and "SetVehicleMod" to set the custom tunings for the vehicles and apply them when they're spawned and detected in the games traffic (Along with a chance to leave stock, so not every vehicle is tuned).

    Ideally, and to save the coders time, players can edit a .ini file to add:

      1. The vehicle we want to detect and spawn with tuning (modelname)
      1. The tuning parts to be applied when vehicle is detected spawning (easiest to make editing it like this https://prnt.sc/K0ybBcj29skp in the ini file)
        (Advanced: ability to add multiple preset mod options for each car, for cars with several bodykits/tuning parts, including bennys mods)
      1. Randomization/percentage to apply tuning to the vehicle, so not every single instance of a car is modified.

    Some additional catches might be needed.

    • Checks if a vehicle is already modified, if it is leave it alone. Use GetVehicleMod to check if its stock.
    • Checks if it's already been processed by the script, so it doesn't go back and re-tune a vehicle that was left stock intentionally.
    • Does not modify players personal vehicles/story mode vehicles. So an exception has to be made for the bodhi2, bagger, buffalo2, tailgater, sentinel, issi2, and blazer. (This will cause them to not spawn with tuning in traffic, but I'm not sure of another workaround, since really what I don't want is every time I switch characters, there's new tuning on their cars.)

    Fps hit from the script should be maybe 5 or so fps for a user with a lot of tuned cars. How fast the script can catch all the cars doesn't really need to be all that fast, if cars slip through un-tuned it won't be noticed or affect gameplay (The idea is maybe 10-15% will be tuned by default).

    Anyone willing to to take on this request can reply below with their contact info. This script is for public release, you will be given the credit, and feel free to upload it wherever etc. I'm just surprised we haven't got one yet, and I have zero experience in coding for GTA.

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