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No_GTAVLauncher Is working fine for me.

  • I know the comments have been disabled concerning this file not sure why as it is not a virus or a hack its just a simple way of booting game and avoiding crap no one wants when modding. it isn't used for online so don't see the issue here is! they should try buying descent AV protection.
    any way I have latest GTAV game 2802 updated using Redux v1.15 and all is working fine I tried the No_GTAVLauncher latest one not the setup version the one before that one but that didn't work! Socialclub kept signing me out. so I have edited and set both "Socialclub" text file and "Socialclub_launcher" text file to, "Offline Only Mode: true"
    in my documents and made both read only as they will revert.
    C:\Users\username\Documents\Rockstar Games\Social Club
    I also added "-scOfflineOnly" to arguments in main Rockstar launcher and i'm using No_GTAVLauncher version 09 their first release so no need for set up version! and 09 works fine no issue it starts my game fine straight into offline mode without the fuss as set by all the above.
    Its a shame you have stopped comments there I feel you were a bit hasty in listen to a few virus comments I have paid Eset Smart Security and have trusted that for over 13 years with not one single issue and I build PCs so I know a little bit! I haven't used the setup version but I just tested it and extracted using 7zip and scanned the files and they came up clean not sure why they created a setup in the first place but hay ho must have been a reason. but any way just use their first version 09 using asi meathod and do what I said regarding other files and you should be OK.

  • @Dazza I have blocked R* from accessing the internet with a firewall app. This way I don't get the annoying GTAO ads.

    But that's not important. What is important is the myth that an anti-virus is foolproof and the other absurdity that anything caught by an anti-virus is likely a false positive, wrong on both counts.

    The users who had their drives wiped clean by Mr. Quant most likely all had anti-viral software. An anti-virus app looks for signatures or uses heuristics to identify possible malware. This is pretty good but doesn't protect you from new viruses, only existing ones, unless there is a pattern similar to existing ones.

    They don't protect you from custom malicious code, like Mr. Cunt's. They won't protect you from a dll with malicious code. I recently created an OIV, as a proof of concept, that can delete all your GTA 5 files. Try to flag that one, you can't.

    My point? Your comment "they should try buying descent AV protection". Sorry but AV doesn't work for custom malware. Any programmer could write a simple dll that will wipe files without detection by any AV. The really malicious ones will add a time stamp so that the malware only starts weeks or months later. This way it can spread properly and nobody will report it until doomsday.

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