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[PLAYER] Trump Mask

  • @Matt i am the forum moderator, and it is my responsibility to keep a check, and not let this website be used for cheating or mods that could cause damage & bad rep for the website.

    hence i reserve the right & ability to moderate posts and topics, warn people about consequences. also if needed lock topics and ban people.

    im not sure , who those nazis are, those you refer to in above post. but if u see someone causing mischief, let me know. or flag the post. moderators shall take care of those for you.

  • @Matt sorry typed that in the wrong aread I don't have a comment on who these nazis are because I don't know yet who I can trust and who I can't I'm going to ask you nicely not to lock this thread I'm sorry i didn't read the rules first I had no idea online modding was such a big issue. I still want to see someone make a trumo mask for regular gta as a mod since it would be really funny

  • Foxtrot Delta I Owe you an Appology I understand the website has rules that benefit the greater community Sometimes i feel the need to speak out when it's kind of unnecessary.

  • @Matt its okay, no harm done.

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