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Parts of randomevents not working as intended

  • In vanilla game the police pursuit sometimes spawning with this file where there are being more than 1 police car chasing a vehicle and sometimes a helicopter spawning as well.

    Unfortunately though I can't get this event to spawn in my game and haven't figured out why.

    AmbientCop event is working where a police car driving fast with sirens.
    I think CopPursuit is also working as well because here and there I am seeing a single cop chasing a car. Although this is sometimes misleading because AmbientCop is also making this happen as well, the AmbientCop doesn't drive like that forever, after a short while it starts chasing a random vehicle in the game.
    However SpawnedCopPursuit is just refusing to work :thinking: I used the original randomevent.ymt file, also tried;

    • Decreasin RandomEventTimeIntervalMin and RandomEventTimeIntervalMax values,
    • Increasing MaxAmbientVehiclesToSpawnChase value,
    • Decreasing MinPlayerMoveDistanceToSpawnChase.

    But it just doesn't start, I never saw multiple cops chasing a vehicle :( Is there any other file somehow linked to this event?

  • @MissySnowie

    Is it possible your randomevents.ymt was modified by a mod? Have you tried restoring it with the vanilla version. Also, is it possible it's just a glitch in your save file? Try changing the player or a new game.

    Answer might be in <RandomEventType>ET_COP_PURSUIT</RandomEventType>
    and <RandomEventTypeName>SpawnedCopPursuit</RandomEventTypeName> but I'm not familiar at all with editing this file, just knew it existed.

    edit: nvm about the original ymt, i was reading too fast.

  • @JohnFromGWN I just wish it had a debug option or something, like something that shows the probability of the event to happen or at least add markers to the event vehicles so I can see it :( There is a debug=false value in it but turning it true doesn't do something like that, honestly not sure what it does at all...

    I just started a new game but still same :( Also making debug=true completely disabling the events.

  • @JohnFromGWN I'm gonna go back to old school troubleshooting. I'm confident it has something to do with a culprit inside update.rpf . Let's see which one will come out of the lottery :sweat_smile: :D

  • @JohnFromGWN I figured it out and it was dispatch.meta . I guess any slight changes to that file breaks some mechanics with cops. After a very long trying I was finally managed to get it to be proper for normal wanted and chasing. but sigh, it breaks the randomevents this time...

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