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Persistence mod & license plate

  • Hi i have two questions:

    1. I used to play with persistence mod, it was very fantastic to save personal cars; but since last update, it seems that it don't work anymore, and i'm not the only one who experienced it.
      Any other mod at this moment to save personal cars in SP?

    2. Why custom license plates (california, texas,...) don't work anymore? Few months ago it was working fine, but not anymore. Any other mod still works?

    Thanks for the help

  • @LRNSR The best way to ensure persistence, for spawned peds or vehicles, is to spawn them yourself with C#. When i say best, I don't mean the simplest way, I mean the only way to ensure you can laugh at the next update, safe in the knowledge that your cars will still persist even if you leave them at the Pier, go to Liberty City for an hour, and come back to the Pier - you car will be there, so will any spawned peds.

    The workarounds are having an updated trainer, some posts claim the Rampage trainer works with the new Update. I have no idea if Menyoo or Simple Trainer handle the new vehicles properly, you can try yourself. I can't help with the plates, have never modded them other than the actual name/number.

    Apparently this mod also works although I don't have it.


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