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Editing the rate of an automatic weapon's SOUND?

  • Hi, I've looked all over and can't really find any help.

    I'm trying to change the rate of the Assault Rifle's sound, because the sound's rate is twice as fast as the actual fire rate. Every two times the sound goes off, the gun fires once. So, if I emptied a 30 round magazine, it would sound like a 60 round magazine- sounds very off and irrationally annoys me.

    Would this be an issue of editing the meta files or editing the sound files? Because the actual sound file is just one boom, not a continuous loop- unless I'm looking in the wrong place or have the wrong sound (weapons.awc - MGN_AK47 in particular).

    I'd like to slow down the sound instead of speeding up the fire rate, because the sound is way too fast to be an actual AKM (my goal is realism).

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