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Installed clothing items crash the game, need help

  • I want to install clothes mods (shirts, pants, ect.) for the customisable female and male player character, but every installed item just makes a random clothing slot instantly crash my game to desktop when I browse clothes in-game and the game tries to show the model on me.The only thing working is this Crocs mod, but nothing else from here.
    Any help is appreciated.

  • @JohnFromGWN Can you summarise what was the solution there? What's that "'g9ec' crap" that user mentioning?

  • @Zsombor_99 it refers to new dlc which you can remove from your dlclist.xml and hopefully it will resolve your issue.

    After a patch trainers need to be updated for new dlc clothing slots or the may crash. Additionally some of the new DLC might be just empty placeholders because they are used by consoles and/or gta 5 enhanced and expanded.

    I don't use new dlc but essentially, from what I've read here, your two best options are to find an updated trainer that handles this issue or remove the non required dlc , for example \update\x64\dlcpacks\mpg9ec.

    Again, you don't need to delete this dlc, just comment it out or remove it from dlclist.xml

  • @JohnFromGWN So, if I remove that DLC, manually installed clothing items won't cause any more problems? šŸ¤” That would be good...

  • @Zsombor_99 it should stop crashing yes, assuming it isn't a specific mod causing your issue. Try and post back.

  • @JohnFromGWN I removed the "mpg9ec" DLC as you wrote and...
    At first it seemed it worked, I was happy, but the game still crashed as before at another slot. šŸ˜‘ Ouch...

    I'm also removed "mpclothes" addon, but it still crashes...

  • This post is deleted!

  • @JohnFromGWN Well, I redone most of my addons, too, and these are the results:

    • "upper body" (shirt) slots 440 and up ā€’ instant game crash
    • "shoes" slot 113 ā€’ instant game crash
      Can you explain what can be the cause? šŸ¤”

  • @Zsombor_99 To stop the crashes with MPC, you have to remove or disable (delete the dlc's or edit the lines out of the dlc list in your mods folder) everything that has 'g9ec' in the file name. These are all from the 'enhanced and expanded' junk only console players can access. The only one you 'might' want to keep is the 'patchday27g9ec' dlc because it has the updated 'Sentinel' vehicle. Everything else can go into the trash. Also, check your clothing item's file name. Misspellings, spaces, wrong or duplicate numbers are a few of the things that can cause problems with getting clothes to work. Another problem is putting clothes in slots that modders try to 'keyhole' them into because they didn't do the work to make them work properly. Sometimes 'uppr's', 'lowr's' and 'feet' have 'r' or 'u' in their file name (example: lowr_000_r.ydd or feet_000_u.ydd) but the modder changed their type (example: 'r' to 'u'.) This doesn't work! MPC will accept both kinds in their respective slots. But you can't change them from 'r' to 'u' or 'u' to 'r' and expect them to work. Check your clothes model in OIV's viewer and read the file name to make sure it matches up. Also, MPC does not take 'r' type shoes, but 'u' version ones are fine.

  • @iammistahwolf So, I'm eliminated every DLC from the list with "g9ec" in their name, except "patchday27g9ec" as you wrote. Well...

    • with "Enhanced Native Trainer", the last shirt/jacket slot is 439
    • in a clothing shop with "character creation script", the last shirt/jacket (upper body) slot is 438
      So, no game crash anymore! šŸ‘
      ā” But can I reinstall "mpclothes" DLC to use downloaded clothes? šŸ¤”

  • @Zsombor_99, Clothes numbers being 'off' by one more or less is normal going from trainer to trainer. Same thing happens between Menyoo and Simple Trainer (for females, 'uppr 15 in menyoo is '16' in ST.) Since you're not getting crashes now, sure try to reinstall MPC it 'should' work.

  • @iammistahwolf Okay, I'm re-enabled "mpclothes". Still no game crash, just I'm struggling to get clothes properly installed.
    Are you using "mpclothes"? If yes, can you show me how you installed your clothes?

  • @Zsombor_99 , Installing clothes is not necessarily difficult though initially confusing. Keep in mind the clothing slots used by MPC are the ones GTAV isn't using. They are already in the game and MPC just reassigns them for the clothes models you put in. So that means everytime 'R' updates the game, all your clothing slots will 'move to a higher number when you go to use them in a trainer.' That's important to know and I'll circle back to that.

    Okay, so each section for clothes; accessories (accs), shoes (feet), decals (decl), hair, hands/back (hands), tops/coats (jbib), legs (lowr) armor (task), necklaces (teeth) and torsos (uppr) all are assigned a number starting with '000'. These are separate from the vanilla dlc files, so make sure you keep the models in order (000, 001, 002, etc.) or you'll never find anything.

    There are a separate group of slots that start with 'p'. These are; hats (p_head), bangles, (p_rwrist), watches (p_lwrist), glasses (p_eyes) and earpieces (p_ears). You can't use these or the previously mentioned slots interchangeably! Same rules for numbering apply to this group. *Note: MPC has a limited number of slots for the 'p' models. There is an addon mod that adjusts the .ymt file in MPC that adds a 'few' more slots if you want to get more.

    Unlike the 'p' group of slots, you can use 'some items' in other spots than the mod maker intended. This is important to know because most modders make their stuff with substituting vanilla dlc slots in mind. Particularly with female freemode peds, there's a metric crapton of clothes mods for them now so you'll need to exchange slots to fit the looks you're trying to make. Example: Tops/Coats (jbib) are the most numerous type of clothes mod and even though MPC has about 500 slots available, you'll be surprised how fast you burn through those! So any dress I pick that is a (jbib), I'll convert it to an 'accessory' (accs) to free up jbib slots for actual shirts and tops. This works out since accs slots usually go under jbibs so now my peds can wear a coat over a dress (long as there's no bad clipping.) You can do this with most of the slots in this group 'except for: torsos (uppr), legs (lowr*) and shoes (feet). Lowr's 'can be swapped' with other slots (not feet) long as they don't have any 'skin' showing (part of the ankles or legs) This works well when you swap pants (lowr) with no skin showing to accessories (accs).

    That brings up the issue with MPC and 'skin and textures'. Any clothing mod that shows skin (except for shoes) can run into a problem with textures of skin and clothing. It's a bug that hits some modders and not others. There's no 'easy fix' for this if you have the bug, but if using Menyoo you can work around it. So sometimes with torsos (uppr's) and legs (lowr's) the imbedded textures malfunction and when you spawn a character, the textures of the skin and clothing either won't render or render as 'meat'. There's a workaround I describe in another post about this and I'll post the link.

    Lastly, circling back to the last important thing about using MPC is whenever the game is updated ALL OF YOUR CLOTHING SLOTS IN MPC WILL MOVE! I mention this because most of your carefully made outfits for your characters male or female will shift 100 or more slots ahead in your trainer and if you didn't take screenshots of what they looked like or have a photographic memory, even if you saved them...they will be lost! Good news is; any outfit you put together using vanilla slots won't move. *Note: Also after an update, some of the vanilla slots you used will get replaced by new vanilla game clothes ('cause 'R' was too ****ing lazy to just use a new slot.)

    Good news on that is; the clothing is still there. Bad news is; it's been 'overwritten' by 'R' and it's probably buried in one of the 'patchday files.' To fix that, dig through those files related to the vanilla dlc you put the clothes in to find the piece that overwrote your model. Once you find it, delete it.

  • @iammistahwolf

    So that means everytime 'R' updates the game, all your clothing slots will 'move to a higher number when you go to use them in a trainer.' That's important to know and I'll circle back to that.

    I downgraded the game back after the last update and I'm trying to "freeze" the game version at my current working state.

    Anyway, I have a pants (for test) wich have these files:

    • lowr_000_r.ydd
    • lowr_diff_000_a_whi.ytd

    I switched on "edit mode" in OpenIV and installed these to:
    The game somehow cannot even see what I'm installed, and after one day, my "mpclothes" is empty again! :confused: What's going on?? :thinking:

    ...but if using Menyoo...

    I'm using "Enhanced Native Trainer", "TrainerV" and "character creation script".

  • "I'm using "Enhanced Native Trainer", "TrainerV" and "character creation script".

    Yeah like I said, 'You have to use Menyoo for the workaround to work.'

    Menyoo's the only trainer I've seen so far that lets you access the 'negative' and 'zero' slots. There's a placeholder slot between the ending slot (in vanilla whatever number that is) and the '26th' slot used by MPC. Accessing this slot allows you to 'zero out' (i.e. make the slot go blank) the clothes model between slot '26' and slot '000'. Because Menyoo can do that, you can force the slot to render as it sounds like you've got the 'bug'. With Menyoo, select your slot you installed a model in and then go to the player wardrobe menu and get into the 'skin tone' section. You need to have an 'upper' already loaded for your ped and then change the skin tone until you get the model to appear. Since you have the bug, only a very few lowr's with clothes will render with no prob. Your best bet will be 'nude lowrs'. Again, you'll still have issues because some will and won't load, you'll just have to pick and choose. There's a but-ton of them for both male and female MP Peds so you'll have to dig through. So far as lowrs like pants and dresses with skin showing (it's the whi.ytd texture that's causing the bug.) the few I've gotten to work are a couple from Dionysis and some shorts/pants from a mix of other modders. Also like I recommended, 'if the lowr whether a dress, pants/trousers or shorts don't have any skin showing, put them in accessories.' It's just less hassle and if you have nude lowrs, you can still have legs if you need them because you have a better chance of them working in MPC.

  • @iammistahwolf So, you say if I not use Menyoo, "mpclothes" clothes basically won't work at all? :confused: My game shows the extra slots what "mpclothes" added, but that's all. I don't want to uninstall "Enhanced Native Trainer" and/or "TrainerV" just to install Menyoo.

  • Heh, yeah you don't have to uninstall your current trainers. I use ENT, ST and Menyoo at the same time. I use menyoo primarily because it's easier to create and store character skins for freemode peds, plus make changes for game peds. That and menyoo is the most efficient to build with. I've tried to do the 'workaround' with other trainers and menyoo's the only one I've ever gotten it to work with. Another thing that's probably an issue, 'character creator' and MPC might not be compatible. Pull the ASI for that script out of the game or script folder and then look to see if the clothes you put in MPC are there.

  • @iammistahwolf The "character creation script" allows me to be able to use any clothing store and barber shop location in story mode, also, that mod stores my customised male and female characters with their outfits, so, obviously, I don't want to uninstall it. šŸ™„

    Okay, I installed Menyoo and modified the open key to F2, so, I'll test it and report back afterwards. šŸ”œ

  • @iammistahwolf Okay, in Menyoo I'm only seeing this: wrong pants
    This is in pants slot 156 where my first manually installed pants should be. Something still won't work, I'm clueless now about what should I do... šŸ˜

  • @Zsombor_99 , Yep, you've got the 'Meat Bug'. Is that the pants model you installed? You're getting the texture of the 'uppr' instead of the pants you installed. If that isn't the ones you installed, scroll through all the 'lowrs' in as the update will have pushed them to a higher number. Here are examples of the lowr and uppr texture bug I was talking about:
    Right now, you're displaying the first one. If you didn't have the 'uppr' present the lowr either wouldn't render at all or it would look like the second picture. As I've mentioned, 'you can't fix lowr's with skin showing because the bug won't show the clothing texture. Only the skin will show.' It's trial and error. When you see the 'meat texture' in a pants or leg model showing skin, forget it and do a replacement in one of the vanilla dlc's. Again, 'if there's no skin showing in a dress, pants or shorts' change them from 'lowr' to 'accs' and use vanilla legs with underwear/bikini bottoms or 'nude lowrs' to fill in where needed. Only 'nude lowrs' and 'upprs' can be 'fixed' with the workaround in Menyoo. Don't pull your hair out. It's not that hard. I did all the 'sweating' to figure this out already (smile dammit!)

  • @iammistahwolf

    Is that the pants model you installed?

    Nope, I think it's some default pants with invalid texture. Also, currently I don't have any other clothes installed, just one pants for testing before I install more.
    I moved this pants from "lowr" to "accs" and the result is:
    I'm unable to find the installed pants anywhere, not even in Menyoo. :confused:
    By the way, I'm trying to get working this first:

  • @Zsombor_99 Okay, so yes you definitely have the 'meat bug'. You would have to do the 'fix' with each lowr slot to try and get those pants to show up. They're in there somewhere, it will just be too much hassle trying to find them. So do like I told you and install those lowrs into a vanilla dlc as a replacement to make sure they work at all. Next, put in tops, necklaces and what not in their prospective slots to make sure they work too. I'm thinking your overall issue is 'character creator' and MPC aren't playing nice together. And I didn't say, 'uninstall CC'. I said, 'pull the ASI out' (meaning = make a copy of it and save it in another folder or on your desktop then delete the version in your game folder/scripts folder wherever it is.) Run the game and see if your clothes installed in MPC are there. We know you're having issues with lowrs so try the other types. If they show up, then it's a conflict between MPC and CC. You'll have to decide what you want to do. Note: you can have all the access to MPC clothes with Menyoo or other trainers, but you won't have the 'joy' of that whole store and paying for things experience. Oh yeah btw, are you using a player character to mpfemale mod? Those aren't compatible with MPC anyway....

  • @Zsombor_99, So I installed the pants from the link you provided. These images show how they look in an interior and outside in sunlight. I had no prob putting them in. So again, yes you have the meat bug. Yes there is a workaround for it. Yes, you'll need menyoo to do it. No, MPC and any player character to mpfreemode ped mods won't play nice together from what I've heard. Character Creation is probably not compatible with MPC either. Lastly, this may sound obvious but did you convert the model and texture files to SP format? The pants mod comes with the 5M version and you need to delete everything before 'accs'. Also, these pants are specifically set up for accs not lowr so they're not going to work anyway if you put them in that slot. Lastly, did you install the actual 'lowr' that came with the mod? Looks like you didn't.

  • @iammistahwolf

    Note: you can have all the access to MPC clothes with Menyoo or other trainers, but you won't have the 'joy' of that whole store and paying for things experience. Oh yeah btw, are you using a player character to mpfemale mod?

    Nope, "character creation script" allows me to enter a free outfit creation mode at every clothing store location via pressing Q at the entrance.
    No, I'm not using any mods to alter any player characters, the male and female player characters are the original ones.

    Yes, you'll need menyoo to do it.

    Yes, I have Menyoo now as well, but I wasn't successful with it yet.

    Lastly, this may sound obvious but did you convert the model and texture files to SP format? The pants mod comes with the 5M version and you need to delete everything before 'accs'.

    Yes, this is two example file names from that pants:

    • accs_000_u.ydd
    • accs_diff_000_a_whi.ytd
      What are your file names?

    Lastly, did you install the actual 'lowr' that came with the mod? Looks like you didn't.

    What are you mean?? :confused: The download only contained the mpclothes folder which goes into dlcpacks location, nothing else.

    Lastly, "character creation script" stores my customised male and female player characters, so, obviously, I don't want to even temporarily remove it from the game, okay?

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