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Looking for a mod that makes player head invisible at 1st Person

  • I'm looking this mod especially for the main protoganists. As the title says, it auto hides the player head when I switch to first person view and reenables when I switch to 3rd person.

    I couldn't find any so perhaps I missed and wanted to ask is there a mod like this :slight_smile:

    Thank you so very much in advance :blush:


    dismembermentASI.asi by CamxxCore
    also availabe in ikt's latest camera mod

  • @ReNNie Thank you so very much for your suggestion. I couldn't get that mod working though for some reason :thinking: It's crashing the game on startup and no info about dismemberment asi or dll in neither ScriptHookV.log nor ScriptHookVDotNet.log :thinking: That's quite odd :/

    Sorry or not being clear at the beginning. I was meant to ask hiding the player head while outside the vehicle :( Wish ikt's mod would work when I'm not in vehicle too.

    Edit: Nevermind got the Dismemberment working by deleting Europhia Ragdoll Overhaul but the main problem is ikt's mod only works while in vehicles :(


    @MissySnowie ahh too bad, you might want to try and request the idea in our discord, maybe someone is interested in the idea

  • @ReNNie Oh sure :blush: Thank you so so much :blush: :blush:

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