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when i download a oiv file its a text file

  • i open a oiv file as a text file and now when i download a new oiv file its a text file

  • @Ultwa That's a windows thingy. You need to de associate the .oiv extension using Default Apps in Settings.

    If it doesn't work, you need to do it through regedit, I highly recommend doing regedit way with a detailed explaination guide.

    If the text icon doesn't bother you, you can let it stay.
    Last alternative is right click > Open With > Choose Default App and choose 7zip or OpenIV.

  • is it ok to open it with openIV? so like can i still drag and drop it into openIV

  • @Ultwa OIV files aren't text files and they don't open as text files.

    They are archives just like zip, 7z, or rar files.

    As @MissySnowie wrote, you mistakenly created a file association for the oiv file extension as a text file. This doesn't change the nature of the file.
    DO NOT play with regedit and your registry unless you have experience with Windows.

    A quick way to associate the oiv extension is to right click the file. This is what @MissySnowie meant as the last alternative, but it's probably the best for you if you have limited experience with Windows. You'll see a "context" menu appear.

    1. Select Open With.
    2. Then Select Choose another App
    3. More apps
    4. Scroll down all the way until you see Look for another App on this PC
    5. From the file dialog, navigate to this path
      C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Local\New Technology Studio\Apps\OpenIV
    6. Click on OpenIV.exe
    7. You're finished. (Check the always open with this app if you want).

    There are 3 ways to use an OIV although manual installation is safer.

    1. As you asked above, yes you can drag and drop the OIV file on OpenIV (anywhere on the editor).
    2. Use the method above - the oiv extension file association will not be there by default. Now you can both open OpenIV and start the installation by double clicking on the OIV mod. Two birds with one stone.
    3. Use the Tools Menu, Package Installer from OpenIV's editor.

    Which method is the best? None of them. Unzip the OIV and install manually.

  • @Ultwa Open "OpenIV", then drag-and-drop the oiv onto its window, a new window should appear, which is the install window for the mod. It's totally unnecessary to try opening oiv files any other ways. ;)

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