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Getting Textureloss with HQ Texture Weapon mods

  • Everytime i install a weapon mod with textures above 9 MB, then i get textureloss. Is there a way to fix that?

    My Specs:

    GPU: RTX 3070 (8GB)
    CPU: Intel I7 12700F
    RAM: 32GB
    OS: Windows 11


    @CnK your specs have nothing to do with it, the game engine just can't handle it

    • extract textures as PNG from the weapon YTD using OpenIV
    • make sure that none is larger than 2048x2028
    • if needed use GIMP or any graphic editor to decrease texture size
    • drag textures back in with OpenIV in 'Edit Mode', use DXT5 with Mipmaps 6 for import options

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