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Question about iv

  • When I use I'v and it makes a mod folder do I have to remove the original common rpf ? I can't get mods to work but I can get scripts to work that don't require iv

  • @Joker16417 Better call it OpenIV to avoid confusion in the topic. No, you don't need common.rpf in the mods folder unless a specific mod requires it. I've only used it once, I think it might have been Liberty City, not sure. Can't hurt to have it, but again it's unlikely you will need it.

    Scripts don't require OpenIV. Neither the editor nor asi (which loads addons). If your addon mods don't work, I'm assuming it means they don't load? Or do you mean they cause a crash?

    Either way, you need to ensure you not only have all the essential mods installed but they also need to be installed properly with the right folder structure.

    Try this article. It is updated for 2023, complete, and accuate.
    GTA 5 How to Install Mods

  • thank you I will look at that

  • @JohnFromGWN thanks for the help.. I am noticing most of the cars say to change dlclist.meta but I dodnt have one I do have a dlclist.xml .. is that the same

  • @Joker16417 Some modders are very sloppy when it comes to instructions, even giving wrong instructions. Once you are familiar with modding you'll never need to read instructions again. I delete them with each download, as they are useless, once you've installed a couple.

    There is no such thing as dlclist.meta. You say "most of the caars say to change dlclist.meta"?. No way.

    The file you want is dlclist.xml and you want it in your mods folder. It will be created when you create a mods folder. It is included in the file/package called update.rpf.

    I don't have enough information to help you more than that. If you go through the tutorial I linked, and I do realize it's a long read, you won't have any issues installing mods.

  • @JohnFromGWN thanks again.. I did go through the whole tutorial.. there are quite a few cars that the instructions do call for dlclist.meta .. thank you for the clarification

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