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Questions about MP Models/Skins/Outfits in SP

  • Hi all.

    Can someone help me out with using MP models/Skins/Outfits in SP?

    I have installed all kinds of mods and generally understand how to install SP mods and peds (w/AddonPeds). However, I'm really struggling to get MP models/skins/outfits in my SP game.

    I have found some really nice MP models, but I have to put files in sooooo many folders. Is there a mod that makes it simple to use MP models in SP? Is there a way to do it in AddonPeds?

    Or is there a concise video or guide on this topic? The videos and guides I have watched for MP models in SP are quite confusing.

  • @Sandee_Clawz Clothes are different than simple addons such as vehicles because generally they involve replacing existing outfits. So unlike vehicles and peds, you will sadly need to read the instructions.

    You will need to pay attention as the clothes might be for the MP She_male or for the MP male, or for the 3 protagonists. Player_zero (mikey), Player_one (Franklin), or Player_two (Trev). Clothes for one player or MP monster are not interchangeable, with a few exceptions. So lingerie for Trevor might not fit Frankin or the MP male, in fact it's very unlikely it will. Their skeletons are different.

    I'm really not the expert on clothes, I don't install them, but there are also mods allowing you to have additional slots for your clothing. By slots I'm referring to those numbers you see in your Trainer as you go through all those options to change clothes (drawables) and textures.

    You might want to try this

    And no, you can't use AddonPeds to install clothes. Once you've installed a few, you'll get it. Nothing about modding is rocket science, unless you're writing a script to get to the moon and back.

  • Thank you!

  • @JohnFromGWN Can you guide me trough how can I install clothes with "mpclothes"? 🆘 I tried installing just a pants as a first test to understand how it works, but that model is nowhere to be found in-game. I want to install clothes for the customisable male and female player characters only, but absolutely no luck so far. ☹

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