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New DLCs on 2372.2

  • Everything works fine, except mpsecurity and drug wars, I get crash on load.
    I tried searching but got only dead ends.
    Contract update can be added to 2372 by any means?
    I realize there are many changes on drug wars, gameconfig had a bunch of new fields, so I tried adding only the cars to my custom car pack, the models, handling, variations, meta… I can successfully spawn them but game will crash as soon as I get inside. There anything new on those beside the common stuff from any addon cars?

  • ok I figured out about mpsecurity, I shamely had one rpf missing in dlc folder.

    yet no success on last update cars, their config files are insanely long, I am fairly sure I got everything needed to make them work, still the same issue, cars spawn, they seem to lack some textures, game will crash on getting inside them, if anyone succeeded importing drug wars new cars please let me know

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